Why is Patrick Schick so cheap?

  • Considering his potential and his 'wonder-kid' reputation, why is he only £1.43???

  • Roma fans say he is terrible whenever he plays and he rarely starts matches, still time to turn it around though obviously.

  • I had the same thought process when I saw his price.

    Then did some research and came to the same conclusion as above - decent but unspectacular.

    The kind of player who'll end up at a Genoa / Bologna type team for me.

  • I remember watching him at Sampdoria and thinking he was the nearest thing to Ronaldo i've seen.... So when I joined FI Schick was one of the first players I looked at holding...

    In truth, his big money move to Roma hasn't turned out the way it should have done and yes whilst he has ability he's not shown it enough at the Olimpico.... In comparison to Dzeko who always delivers and Cengiz Under who has rapidly overtook him as Roma's wonderkid he's no way near just yet.. Rightly on the fringe of the squad until he starts performing when he gets his chance... as mentioned above the best he could be hoping for might be a loan move to a mid table Serie A club which is frustrating... Because I do hold although having brought at 0.82 I'm still thankfully in quite a bit of profit!!

  • He is not terrible, he has skills but lacks luck and confidence at the moment he also either plays out of position or get thrown in when desperate, needs a good run of games although with Dzeko in the team that could be a challange

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