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  • Hi traders

    Recently I sold a few players for half decent profit and reinvested in some fresh faces.

    Unfortunately these have turned out to be bad purchases (for now at least) and have dropped in value with no signs of increasing again.

    My loss in portfolio value is just about being offset by MB and the odd PB win so it’s not the end of the world.

    But my question to you guys is at what point do you decide to cut your losses and sell for a loss?

  • @Murph

    Rather depends on why you bought them in the first place; buy for transfer speculation & then he signs a new contract - accept you got it wrong & move on. Buy for dividends & get disappointed after a couple of poor showings - either your initial research is wrong (& needs changing) or you need to bite your lip & be more patient.

    It's great when a purchase comes good immediately but to sell within days or weeks after disappointing will only result in one outcome = losing money.

  • I try to ignore whether I'm up / down on a player and try to figure out which way their price is heading. I don't always get it right though :-D

    The first question is always 'why did you buy them in the first place?'

  • @Murph when you get a better option!

    I've held Musa Barrow since he IPO'd, got stung by the IPO process and he's been 30p down moreorless ever since. Atalanta then not making Europe further piled misery onto the situation and I've been stewing on it a while. Due to Rabiot beginning to pump and Ivan Cavaleiro coming back from injury I decided to pie Barrow off and invest in the two of them. If i didn't have an alternative I would have held and waited.

  • I've made plenty of mistakes selling players at a loss but on the whole... Selling at a loss and re-investing into someone you feel will grow in value quicker isn't a bad option... Take a goalkeeper for example.. Recently I sold De Gea after holding for around 10 months (finally succumbed to the idea that GK's won't get their own PB category) and I lost a couple of pence per share whilst in May I could have made a massive 10p per share profit... Half hoping for some transfer speculation to Madrid the De Gea thing didn't materialise and now, probably much later than it should have been i've finally got bored of ZERO interest and cut my losses.

    I have a few holds out of form... I brought Ross Barkley prior to him moving to Chelsea hoping for a quick upsurge and got lumbered with him ever since... I brought Fred in the summer who I hoped would not only feature for Brazil, but tear it up in the opening weeks for United too.. He did neither and I sold at quite a bit of loss, knowing his form wont improve anytime soon... Fred at £3 dropped to 2.50 and whilst losing 0.50 a share might sound painful, investing it into someone like Manuel Akanji at the same price and seeing him rise as equally as quick and all of a sudden selling at a loss becomes a great idea!!!

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