any arsenal fans here?

  • is there any chance that Kolasinac gonna start as a regular? is he bettet than Monreal ?

  • I'm an Arsenal fan and this is such a difficult question to answer.

    Obviously he started very well last season before getting injured and then didn't exactly impress once he returned and Monreal was most definitely first choice left back the second half of last season.

    There were a few rumours of us wanting to sell him in the summer but then he apparently looked good in pre-season, whilst picking up another injury before the start of the season.

    So no one really knows what Emery thinks of him, my gut feeling is that Monreal will remain first choice in league matches and Kolasinac will play in Europa and Cup games. Another point is that Kolasinac isn't a particularly good passer of the ball and is usually pretty clumsy in terms of fouls, so although he picks up a few goals; when you combine his clumsiness with our defensive record he might not pick up dividends when he plays if thats what you're looking for.

    To sum up, it's a tough one and no Arsenal fan can categorically say they know the answer to this question but I'd probably avoid. Short term holds in the build up to europa league games could work.

  • He was down to 3rd choice by the end of last season. He made the Bundesliga team of the year before he signed for Arsenal so there's something there, fitness seemed to be an issue though. Might be a settling in thing.

  • Id agree with whats been said, worth also mentioning that most of his better performances were while we played 3atb and he was a wing back, lacked defensive discipline as a pure left back. The lack of defensive discipline is made worse by having bellerin on the otherside who also likes to bomb forward, nothing wrong with two v attacking full backs, but short term whilst we are trying to rebuild and improve defensively, i see nothing but monreal being first choice.

  • @AT10 Xhaka was Bundesliga player of the year and ask Arsenal fans what they feel about him!

  • Any Arsenal fans know if there is truth in the rumours that Danny Welbeck is out of contract in the Summer and set to leave in January or July?

    I see the Mirror are reporting that Everton are interested, but I wonder if they are just relying on the Theo Walcott connection to justify that link.

    Walcott spiked from 90p to £1.60 when his transfer went through, so as someone who holds Welbeck, I'm hoping for a similar rise if he leaves.

  • I doubt the club are in too much of a hurry to offer him a deal and Welbeck is at the age now where he might want a starting role at a club. I think he'll leave, not sure wether it will be in January or the summer though.

    Starts Europa league games as well, so there might be a bit of value there until he moves on anyway.

  • Just to follow this up:

    • Kolasinac played the full 90 tonight. Whilst he looked great going forward, he was terrible defensively. I don't think he exactly put his name out there to be in the starting XI ahead of Monreal.

    There are a few Arsenal players that I see good value in but I don't think Kolasinac and Welbeck are great investments.

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