Index footie down?

  • I've seen it go down before so it doesn't concern me. Just wondering why people may have pulled money out. Maybe internationals coming up, or people pulling out from deposit bonus. Or maybe some other reason I've missed?

  • CR7...........

  • Most of my players down in value...first time I see more players with bigger decreasing rather than increasing...weird day

  • Hardly any of my 33 players risen. Most down too. Be nice to know the logic to why money may be getting pulled.

  • Very strange I have been on for 6 weeks and have gained about 9% overall (which I am happy with as I am still learning ) last week saw my first drop but only about 1 % but this week I am up about 5% my only drops are on Man U players Lukaku and Lingard and Spurs players Dier and Moura but my other players (18) are all up so its happy day at the moment.

  • Yeah, I've been hit by quite a drop too. It has been happening over the last few days but today has been... interesting. I have a few in the queue but no-one is buying or selling them, the rest of my holds are all steadily decreasing in value. Still, I'm putting trust in myself and I'm going to hold out. I'm not going to be dragged into a panic sell.

  • I wonder if footie index manipulate the players prices sometimes, I no it sounds crazy but it wouldn't surprise me, Iv seen players prices drop 10p plus in one go then that creates panic selling
    If i owned 1000 shares in a player u just wouldn't put them all on the market in one go? Don't get me wrong I have faith in footie index but sometimes It seems like a group of people can force prices down buy putting on the market together in one go why you'd do that I don't no, I'm prob way off the mark 😂 but where's Theres money involved anythings poss! I wouldn't put anyone off the index, i know it don't sound like that Iv made good money on here just makes u think sometimes 🤷‍♂️

  • My two pence-

    It’s a “market correction” following 2 deposit bonuses in a short space of time. nothing to do with FI manipulating but a general withdrawal of profits.

    The first deposit bonus had everyone wondering if people would take the profit and run after the bonus was paid out - didn’t happen.... bonuses got reinvested.

    2 months later another deposit bonus.

    I’m guessing a lot of people don’t have £20k spare lying around to make full use of the bonus on offer, and certainly can’t afford to keep it in the index once bonus is paid. Heard about a few people who put their rent money in to get the bonus and withdraw straight away. This is probably happening on a larger scale.

    Not worried.... more and more people are signing up, and index is growing. It’s natural to get slight dip periods in trading platform, but this is usually followed by a period of growth. Sit tight and enjoy the ride.... it’s only going up from here.

  • Agreed. Nothing to worry about. Small market correction as people taking profits. It’s all very normal. Markets don’t go straight up 100 percent of the time remember :)

  • Could be down to early investors having to sell due to the 3 year rule, I'm sure most of this will be coming back to the index in following weeks

  • @Thornton88 they extended it for another year. apparently there is a minute amount of shares this applies to anyways.

  • @tommyboy2104

    I sold Ronaldo in panic sell I wish I hadn’t now

  • Completely normal for a market to go up and down. Most players have been going down. After the huge jump in last deposit bonus it’s natural for it drop a little.

  • Yep it’s just a minor correction after the deposit bonuses. The week of the last deposit my portfolio gained around £400 in the week, with another £200 from the bonus itself.
    At that time I accepted that half of my £400 would be gone in the few days post the bonuses being paid. A week or so on and I’ve seen a drop of only around £100. So all good.
    Like others have said, markets can’t / won’t just constantly go up. All part of the fun!

  • @NewUser115892 this isn't an ordinary market though. Lots of new joiners following massive FI investment yet going down. Some evidence perhaps new joiners aren't feeling confident enoilugh to invest much. Perhaps not surprising with £14+ players. Time for a share split / dividend increase?

  • @NewUser162554 I've been saying it for the past 6 months. Some agree and some do not.

  • In addition to the expected post bonus slump is are the issues surrounding Ronaldo, and the temporary loss of form of Kane / Salah / Bale.

  • Expected correction post 10% bonus when everybody chucked in everything they could and prices rocketed, should have settled now, expecting a slow steady rise before another boom when bonuse or good news come along

  • Well up now

  • Yeah I think the bonus would have caused a lot of buys and then sells, but also lower investment for a short period afterwards.

    The Ronaldo situation also hasn't helped much.

    Neymar is over £15 too and I agree that dividend payouts need to be considered. If players are too high priced new members to the index will wonder whether it's worth buying them with the dividends so low. Of course, the higher fees result in higher commission for FI, so it'll all be about keeping it all in balance.

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