Tim Jedvaj

  • Hi guys, been doing some more research. Think this guy may have been mentioned by someone on 'Cheap players' the other day but im not sure so i thought i'd do some analysis. 22 year old, playing regularly for Bayer Leverkusen this season who also play in the Europa League tomorrow (against Larnaca) so chance of a PB on a treble day! He's only £0.58 at the moment as well which is nuts.

    What do you think lads/ladies, is he a good buy?

  • he's not been playing regularly (and lasses)

  • He's played in 3 out of the last 4 after coming back from a thigh injury and should play in the Europa League tomorrow?

  • @Keegan's-Bluff Lasses?

  • @Lukeroro @Ringers Feels like a win win?

  • Not for me. I think he’s back to the bench when Retsos returns from injury.

  • @Itsjadams yes, as in 'lads'. I believe both play FI.

    i've actually got a few of Tin. He is a promising youngster, and has potential as a long-term hold to rise somewhat over the next couple of years.

    It doesn't look like he's going to be a first choice pick this season however, and his PB scores are somewhat of an unknown, so the immediate upside is minimal. Therefore, I'd recommend finding value elsewhere. If you're doing your own research then that's exactly the right thing to be doing, and I'm sure you'll find something - good luck.

  • Imo hes a solid investment he plays all across the backline and Leverkusen don't have a large amount of full backs wendell weiser maybe bender plus Europe games so with rotation I think he will get plenty of oppurtunities (same for retsos). He was also part of the Croatia squad at the world cup think he even made a appearance so he has that experience and is getting a great education in Germany should really push on from here as long as he avoids further injuries his contract doesn't have very long left. His price is very close to the lowest it's been so could be considered low risk.

  • Never heard of him.. I'll take a punt! Seems good from what I've read and I've just stepped in vomit so I think I'm due a PB!

  • His average PB scores are bad so not for me.

  • And here he is!! 2 goals against Spain tonight!! Good spot!

  • @Dan-w banged one in for Leverkusen recently. Gutted I jumped off of him.

  • @Lukeroro I did exactly the same!!!!

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