• With all the additional money and new traders coming into the market as a result of that 10% deposit bonus, I wonder if now is a good time to sell off all the greens and lock in the profit. Then just wait until post 1st of November to start over again given the uncertainty that seems to be surrounding the proposed changes.

    Does anyone think this is a good idea or should I just hold tight and see what happens?

    Current portfolio includes Neymar, Draxler, Aguero and Dani Alves.

    • Wouldn't sell Neymar, doubt he's going to fall because of squad, there aren't really that many good strikers that will compete for PB and Neymar is one of the best
    • Aguero might increase a bit as he comes back from injury.
    • Draxler and Dani Alves could drop a bit before November - could always sell half and keep half

  • I think you've got to be subjective. Any top players (Neymar) I would keep but lesser players, maybe not.

    Food for thought - you sell Neymar thinking values will drop, however, the way penny stocks is introduced means some traders make a quick buck from buy and instant sell as price drives (see promotions) and all that money gets re-invested in Neymar increasing his price.

    Unlikely, but just a thought.

  • I have considered a complete sell off.

    I've a feeling they will do something to inject money into the index - they aren't going to want a crash. The recent promotion is a bit of a surprise, I was expecting it to co-incide with penny stocks. Maybe they will have another one.

    I've sold half my portfolio so far (the PB half before the int break) - annoyingly I had left the cash in FI. If I had withdrawn it then I would have deposited it back again for an easy 10%. Am at the maximum I'm comfortable with so not putting any more in just to bonus bag.

  • I did the opposite, took the bonus ASAP and invested before all the new money came in and the green numbers keep going up from the first mover advantage

  • yeah I did rethink a bit and bring in a few PB players - hoping we get a reverse with media money going to PB players at the end of the international break. May have been a day late though.

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