What's the point?

  • What's the point in putting your players in the sell que when 30-40 people are prob in front of you? It makes people panic sell or stick them on the market, you lose value in your player, then a day or a couple of hours before there next game take them off the market thinking they may play well but then soon as the game ends put them back on the market? This isn't how you make money on here surly 😂don't treat this site like a bank account it don't work like that, think of where that player my be in a month or 3 months a year, not tomorrow,

  • Excellent point, unfortunately there are many new "punters" on the site that are trying to find PB winners on a daily basis by buying and selling players daily to ensure they have players in the days fixtures! Obviously this is not what FI is really about and the rest of us need to work out how best to profit from these people.

    Once order books are out we should be able to buy the players they need to quickly sell under market price and I see lots of lovely profit by then just sitting on them.

  • What is the score with this "order book" ? How will it work?

  • It will work very similar to betfair exchange if you have used that.

    Basically you can input a price you wish to sell a player at and what you would like to buy a player at and if you are the highest/lowest price you will trade at that price. In effect we take over the instant sell from FI

  • Not disagreeing with you about it’s the new members trying to get Pb and panicking when they don’t win but if that’s the case surely it’s been an on going problem from the start and will continue to still be as FI is only getting bigger. We just need to accept it. It’s annoying but the problem will never go away.

  • @Fletch ahh yes, very familiar. Nice one. When's it due to come into effect?

  • @NewUser181637

    It was demo’d at the trader event but no date was given

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