Starting price of squad players in November

  • In the 'squadoptions' announcement FI have said that 'new footballers will be priced fairly and will not drive indiscriminate purchases'.

    How do you all think the fair prices will be determined?

    Here is one way of doing it - might not have thought everything through but it would be quite exciting:

    • Launch player at £1
    • Player value drops by 1p every 10 seconds
    • Investors can click 'buy' at any time when they are happy with the price
    • Player value keeps dropping until 10 different investors have clicked 'buy' -
    • The price is locked at the bottom price (i.e. when the 10th investor clicked buy) and the 10 investors that clicked buy can get up to 100 shares at that price
    • The player is then available as normal, and price increases/decreases by the usual market mechanics

    Would be interesting to hear any other ideas!

  • There's not many squad players I'd pay a pound for...

    Think they should start low and let the market dictate

  • @NewUser56882 Did you read past the first bullet? The idea is to try and let market forces dictate the price without under-pricing players and having a huge impact on current players' values (which is what FI have said they are going to do)

  • Yep I read it all, tbh it seems a convoluted way of doing it to me, but I haven't given it much thought

    I think they'll go low and make it similar to promoted players. I don't see how either method will do anything but have a big impact on current player values

  • I think FI will determine a price for each player, which they feel is realistic - probably grouped into tranches - i.e. top 10 in squad = £1, next 10 = £0.95 etc etc.

    Trading pattern will then adjust this price as usual.

    I don't think they can apply a flat rate to all the players in the squad.

  • It'll be like the promotions with a low-ish start price I reckon. I'm guessing the first batch will be 25p. Hopefully when they get to the real back-end it will drop to 1p for the bottom of the rung and you will be able to trade at low prices.

    Would be fantastic for advance planning day traders if you could trade obscure players at significantly less than the dividend payout.

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