Ryan Bennett

  • Hi all,

    Very new to this platform and am just feeling it out. I was looking for undervalued players and and came across Ryan Bennett. His price is 0.55 per future and i was wondering why he was so low compared to other premier league defenders. Is it an anomaly, or is there something i am not understanding about the way this works? He has played all 90 mins of Wolves prem season.

    Thanks in advance and any tips and help would be appreciated.

  • Will he win dividends if you think he will he is cheap if you do not he is a waste of money. His PB scores indicate he will need something amazing to win so like 90% of the players on here is worthless.

  • i guess he wouldnt win dividends but if im looking at similar lower premier league defenders e.g Denis Odoi at Fulham (who is not a guaranteed starter) his price is 0.81? They concede loads of goals, and he very rarely scores. Would his price not rise to be similar? Again, i just want to gain an understanding so i can make smart investments! So thanks for your insight.

  • @Fletch How do you find out their previous PB scores?

  • Noir offers a great service at £1 or £2 per month you will find him all over these pages.

    Other players have increased because people have bought them but it does not mean the price is correct - The fundamental behind the prices on here is the ability to earn dividends if there were no dividends then it is just a ponzi scheme or a very expensive game of fantasy football.

    Lots of players prices increase because people think they are cheap and because a few buy the price goes up and then more buy and so on. However my advice is only to buy players if you think there price is cheap compared to there future dividend potential.

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