• BBC sport have got an article on this lad, and on paper he looks pretty decent (although admittedly it was only a brief google search). Has anyone seem him play? Before I buy any futures in him, is he a good long term hold or is it just a story to fill a space on the website?


  • I bought at £2 and sold at £3. I then used the money to buy Kessie at £2 who is now £2.40. For me players like Barella and Kessie are still cheaper though they are all young world class players and probably worth similar.

  • just a young lad, bags of skill and powerful, playing in a top team and called up for France. yes there are others in the same vein but looks like he has value at current price £2.87. Watch you tube videos and decide for yourself is one of the options I use.

  • Ndombele is a great player already and at 21 will only get better

    Big strong and quick he can sit deep in midfield and defend. However he can also break forward and show skill round the box. The most impressive aspect of his game however is his long range passing he can spray the ball about with touch and accuracy - he's got the second most assists in the PB leagues this season and I'm sure you can find a clip of his 50yd pass that landed perfectly in Bertrand Traore's stride leading to a goal

    IMO Ndombele would be a perfect replacement for Fernandinho at Man City he's got the same defensive attributes and his long range passing to Sane/Sterling/etc cutting in from the wings would be an upgrade

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