In Europe but not in the top 5 leagues

  • I've been looking at a few players recently who are playing in Europe but they aren't in the top 5 leagues. Obviously the worry would be that they would get knocked out of Europe then the PB would disappear. I'm wondering, especially for the players in the Europa League, are these players worth taking a punt on or is their price more likely just stagnant? Thanks.

  • Yea, if you think they can perform well enough to win PB and then enhance their reputation and potentially get a transfer to a big european league, then yea id go for it.

  • No I don’t think so.

    Unless you are absolutely certain you’ve found a world class player who will get a big move, why limit your PB chance to barely 10 games a year? Particularly when they’re playing all their group games amidst 31 other Thursday evening matches.

    Stick to the Top 5 leagues, take the 38 domestic fixtures AND the 10 European fixtures. There are still so many cheap players it seems a much better option.

  • The only issue with buying outside the PB leagues is that growth is generally slower. Unless there's transfer news, surprising international call ups or worldy performances on European nights then it's hard to justify keeping them...

    That said the likes of Ajax, Celtic, Benfica maybe Porto & Shakhtar offer decent value players who could go on to bigger and better things so certainly wouldn't write off investing outside the top 5 leagues especially around the transfer windows!!

  • there are two opportunities here as I see it.

    One is that such players can have their price bolstered if you're buying as a transfer (speculation) punt. Their exposure in European football gives you some PB interest whilst you're waiting for the transfer buzz to ratchet up. Have to pick the right player of course, and always speculative (ie; risky compared to the very sound criteria Playingcards details).

    Two is short term flips - identifying players other traders may punt on for specific games earlier than they do. Haven't really tracked the market closely on these as not much interest to me - but pretty sure there is a limited market for this, particularly in the Europa league, where there are a smaller pool of players from 'established' clubs turning out.

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