Adam Lallana

  • Forgotten man for both England and Liverpool. How does he fit in after injury?
    Does he fit in after injury?

  • @Lukeroro

    Bit part player.

    Will have one good game in 4 months, then tear his earlobe and be in intensive care for the remainder of the season.

  • yeah past his sell by date for me which is a real shame as at one stage I think England especially could have built their team around him!!!

    Maybe his best days at Liverpool now might be behind him with chances limited but I would like him to go to another EPL team (Everton??? Newcastle?? back to Soton??) and start week in week out and if he does that i'm sure its not too late for him to get back in the England fold.

    He has the best Cruyff turn since Cruyff himself and on that alone he'll always been a favourite of mine to watch!!!

  • Quality footballer and I held him earlier this season, but I just can’t see him playing regularly under Klopp, even if he gets fit and stays fit.

  • After the weekend, I'm reckon he'd have been Klopp's choice to unpick the City defence and also press with his workrate.

    And I think he'd be ahead of Barkley for England if fit. I haven't invested yet - all shrapnel going into The Ferret! - but I'm definitely monitoring.

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