Christian Pulisic

  • If he happens to get a move this January or the following summer what's the thoughts on his potential price? Chelsea seems to be the destination constantly talked about?

  • Hope so I'm not making much on him

  • Liverpool been linked to him frequently in the past

  • I reckon Liverpool will add another pacey winger next summer so that Mane and Salah arent relied on so much. Pulisic has to be on the radar, or Dembele. I’m holding Pulisic for that reason.

  • @bangor116
    Do you hold many shares? I've purchased quite a few but at 3.47 is it ? He defo needs a move I think

  • @Chris95 I only have 20 futures bought at 3.43. My plan was to hold until July/August 2019. I reckon transfer window hype would take him to £4, and if a transfer to a top prem team went through, I’d be happy to cash out at about 4.50. This of course based on market as it is now. And massive supposition!!

    I guess it was always my plan to hold for a year or more though so if you need the pocket money to invest elsewhere I guess I’d agee that there’s not much prospect of imminent movement....

  • I got on Pulisic relatively early (£2.70) but based on the form of Sancho I'm kicking myself for getting on the wrong Dortmund young hot property. Still Pulisic has massive potential for growth, even without a move to the PL.

  • @gloryhornet88
    Don't really think it's the form mate, think pulisic has had roughly the same number of assists and has scored 4 goals, I think it's because of the fact sancho is English and got an England call up. Plus, everyone thinks In time it I'll be inevitable that he'll go back to England to play his football. So they are all tryihg to get on him as early as possible.But still think pulisic is the better shout looks much the better player in my opinion and if he moves he will sky rocket.

  • @bangor116
    I've bought a bit more than you but I'm happy to hold, can defo seeing him reaching the 7.00 bracket in about a year/2, not selling especially considering how much of an arse I made with it with frenkie de jong........ haha

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