Minimum investment

  • Roughly, how much do users need to spend on players to see a ROI within a 6 month period? Only started looking at FI seriously recently and wondering what keeps players interested after a while

  • @Ross_F I started 6 months ago and it took me about 6 - 8 weeks to return 7-8% profit. That's the general threshold I set myself to break even (taking into consideration commissions if selling) . Anything over this is profit so to answer your question, not long at all. If you start now, Christmas is a realistic target to be in good profit. You will likely outperform me but I prefer to be conservative with growth and predictions.

    Good luck and get started asap. Start small and grow slow.

  • Cheers, i've started slow and will had to my portfolio when I can. Be interesting to see where i'm at by then

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