David Brooks

  • Not sure of opinions on the young Bournmouth Player but looks a very good prospect. Shame he chose Wales over England or I'm sure he would be getting an England call up soon.

  • The fact that he’s starting for a premier league team and scoring goals at 21 is a good sign. Looks like the type that might make scoring a habit. Was £1.82 last Monday and look where he is now. In my opinion there is no harm on owning a few of him and seeing where he goes. And also even though he chose wales, if he’s starting for wales and scoring and playing well then this is also a good thing.

  • yeah looks a cracking prospect and was very highly thought of at Sheffield United... The Welsh thing unfortunately might play against him with MB whilst in a free scoring team with likes of Ryan Fraser, Josh King, Callum Wilson etc that might play against him for PB but no doubt growth potential and he could have a big future!!!

    Hats off to Eddie Howe, I was concerned for Bournemouth this year and they've been brilliant!!

  • @dannypea said in David Brooks:

    was very highly thought of at Sheffield United

    That's true i know a couple of Blades that were very unhappy he had been noticed so soon as they wanted to keep him for a season or two more; Although Wilder seems to be doing a pretty decent job without him!

  • I'm a Blade and I'm gutted we lost him! I've got a few shares in him.

  • @dannypea well said.
    Anyway, why Ryan price is going down so quickly??

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