Mathew DeLigt

  • Would love to see him come to the Premiership but according to a friend of mine who lives in Germany everybody there is convinced he is going to Bayern .He will definitely move at some point but from a Index point of view what would be best for his price Bayern or England ?

  • @NewUser172727

    Definitely England given the heavy English-media bias for MB purposes initially and then general awareness of FI traders (mostly being English). That could change once FI moves into Germany though next year...

  • According to today's reports its now Barcelona ! I guess we will just have to wait and see

  • I've seen a bit of him and always been impressed, can't believe he's only 19 and played near 100 games already (said something in another post about young English talent not getting enough of this sort of game time)... Reads the game well and decent in possession, I think he could go a long way to becoming a top top defender and I don't even hold him (although I did sell a few at a small profit in him last season)...

    IF he goes to England (and Man Utd or even Liverpool should be all over him) then his value could go mental.... If it's Barca it will grow slightly... If it's Italy it might rise short term then drop... BUT... On a long term basis he looks like he should go to a big big club and could be one of the best defenders of the 2020s to come??

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