• Hopped on this kid, forget about him until I saw him in the cheap player thread, I think he was in the media a bit last year.

    Any suitors for him in January/next summer ?

  • @NewUser60527 if he can keep playing & scoring then yes for sure.

  • He was struggling with an injury and out for quite a while. Before that he was linked to a lot of big clubs as the next big think out of Ajax's academy.

    I think De Ligt and De Jong are probably the biggest players there linked with moves, but if he gets a few goals I'm sure his price will fly up.

  • @Worley15 he seems to have had a little bounce.

  • I'm not invested in him. But I think he would be a good investment. He is young, highly rated and plays for a team where he can showcase his talents, but will also sell.

  • He has definitely gone under the radar a bit although his price has increased a bit now.

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