Pogba dropping

  • Looks like even possible MB dividents in forthcoming days might not outweight this massive drop in price...

  • It all depends. There have been people over the last 2 months that have made big capital profits as well as dividends off Pogba. I suspect that these are the ones that are now taking their money out to reinvest elsewhere, Hazard and a few others look good shouts for PB at the moment as well as in contention for the MB.

    However, Pogba is Pogba. He will always be in the press for click bait. Once this flash sale has finished he will get back to where he was, because he will continue to get MB dividends.

    If United win then it's Pogba that everybody will reference. If they lose, then it's his fault and he will be in the press again. If United climb up the league then he'll be in the papers. If not then he will get the transfer rumours as he will be going to PSG, Real, Barca etc etc.

  • Pogba PB was pretty good against Newcastle at 187 with no goals. He is definitely capable of PB wins.

  • @NewUser60527 Yeah of course. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Pogba will never get PB dividends or in with a shout. I think he got one a few weeks ago. He is a quality player and also he's on penalties, some free kicks, and is 6'3" and a threat at crosses and corners.

    But i'd suggest that the majority of people that hold him, and the biggest reason for the increase in price (until a few days ago), is the media circus that follows him. PB's would be a great bonus

  • He'll only go back up through inflation and the Utd effect.

  • @Worley15

    Dividend returns of 161p over the last couple of months & price has doubled, so plenty of profit taking opportunities but also reasons to hold on; I'm not convinced short term trading him is the most profitable strategy.

    I'm holding until both his & Mourinho's future is permanently resolved & will ride out any price fluctuations.

  • I hope you held onto Pogba. And maybe bought Hazard too!!

  • Still collecting buzz for fun it seems

  • Don't forget - Pogba is the MB terminator - every time you think he's down he rises back up the ranking somehow or other!

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