Ross Barkley ??

  • I really liked Ross Barkley at Everton and was at one stage hoping United would buy him, the guy is raw talent, I'm just wondering how much game time he'll get at Chelsea ??

  • well he's played every match this season??

    I think Sarri likes him and he's starting to flourish with the game time he's been given... Pretty frustrating as i held only a few shares in him last week for around 8 months and made nothing out of him.... I sold them on the day (prior to when) England announced their WC squad at a small loss, he since scored yesterday and shot up around 0.80 per share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-/

  • @dannypea ahhh damn, that sucks mate, happened to me before and it hurts, maybe worth reinvesting, i know it's painful to buy higher than u sold, but if you believe in him then £3 ish ain't a lot and he's certainly as good as many £4 -£5 players on the market, i almost bought yesterday at 230p and also have a lump in my throat now, but i have invested and hope to be saying thank god for that when he hits £5 hahaha

  • @dannypea btw i meant 90min games

  • no i only did a small purchase on the back of his move to Chelsea... Hoped he would jump up off the back of some media attention like VVD did for a quick flip but it never materialised and i got lumbered with him ever since!!!

    Sods law on the day he grew to profitable value I had already decided to cut my losses!!! Not for the first time and i'm sure it won't be the last either!!!

    Certainly feel he has the potential and ability to be a major player for both Chelsea and England though and is still young enough to improve further and no doubts could possibly hit £5+ 'IF' his form continues... At £3 he's now in that awkward bracket of if his form dips you could lose £1-1.50 a share but if he kicks on to the next level you could be gaining it!!!

  • Not sure about his price dropping so much like u fear, i think at worst he would linger around £3, these Media days could give him an injection in price too, that's what I'm hoping anyway.

  • yeah agreed, cant see any major falls on the horizon although he is always susceptible to injury... If anything he'll go up before down so no panic whatsoever (esp with England games coming up)!!! He's a good purchase, after selling at £2 I won't be buying at £3 until he's maybe closing in on becoming the air to Hazards throne which i still think he's a bit away from.

  • Hazard might not be at Chelsea come January or next summer.

  • Exactly... which is when it might be worth lumping on Barkley even more!!!!

  • But lets say Barkley has a good run of form until xmas, then his price will probably be a good few pennies higher, then if Hazard leaves, everyone jumps on Barkley and we missed the great opportunity of £3... or am i missing something here??

  • @Andy-M

    His poor injury record & although I don't hold him he looks miles away from winning any PB (but if the data contradicts that I apologise). On the plus side Sarri seems to like him & England exposure ought to be positive but on balance he always seems to flatter to deceive so I won't be buying at £3+ & won't regret missing any rise, as I think the risks outweigh the potential rewards. i always prefer to hold players I believe in, even if they don't perform as expected, rather than paper tigers.

  • @NewUser159387 fair point.

  • If we are just going based on footballing turns here, Ross Barkley isn't worth the kit he slumps about in. I didn't see him in the last game so can't judge him based on that. I can however judge him based on the many seasons that I saw him "perform" for Everton and the few minutes I've seen him play this season. He showed so much promise but has a very poor footballing brain which sees him dribble when he should pass, pass when he should dribble and shooting seems almost random. His passes are generally sideways or backwards which is frustrating when you know that if he had the vision of a better player then he could help push the team forward. The media are getting excited about him because he's English and now at Chelsea. Let's not ignore the headlines "ends 17 month goal-drought". Yes he may have been injured but he wasn't injured for 17 months. In terms of FI, should Hazard go and Ross is the replacement, he will quickly be found out and a replacement will be brought in but I would think that the replacement would come before he's given the chance to fill Hazard's shoes. Maybe things will change at Chelsea, he is playing in a better team and will have more options and possibly more freedom, I can't see him being that much different though.

    He may get a bit of MB during this break but I don't see him getting much in the way of PB dividends. His price has been rising though so may be a decent bet over the break but after that, I feel he will return to under performing.

  • @LarryDuffman In that game he looked like the Barkley we want to see in an England shirt, he looked very good IMO.

  • @Andy-M One game won't erase 4 or so years of frustration and failed potential. He said in an interview himself that he shouldn't be considered as a young prospect any more and that he needs to start performing. Since then he had another year of poor performances before the injury. Ross agreed with all Everton fans which was refreshing if nothing else. We'll see if he can maintain it, and for the sake of England I hope he can, but his history suggests that he won't.

  • @LarryDuffman Not disagreeing for 1 second about your points, I'm just hoping, sometimes small things can change a whole career, the potential is definitely there but let's see how it pans out, he'll probably break his leg against Croatia 🤦‍♂️

  • @Andy-M essentially you feel that Barkley has had his Luke Shaw moment!

  • As mentioned above I think we need to be careful as English football fans to try and keep a level head on things...

    On FI terms... Barkley has been at or just below £2 for 10 months now and 7 or 8 games in to a new season where his new manager seems to believe in him a little he gets an England call up, scores a goal and suddenly jumps up 50% in value in a weekend!

    In real terms as stated he scored his first goal in 17 months and is picked by Southgate due largely to underwhelming options in Midfield which is undoubtedly the weakest part of the England team.

    This is why I sit on the 'one way or another' fence with him... We all understand the potential he has and what he could achieve but we also understand that previous form has lead us to be skeptical about his rise.

    I hope he answers all England's problems... But one goal and a bit of acknowledgement from Gareth Southgate is just a very small step in his rise back from what must have seemed like the ashes.. He'll probably create some short term buzz as no doubt the papers will like the fact he's returned to the England fold... Certainly after the next month or so we'll have a better understanding of which way his career is heading.. And if Hazard is rumoured out with a move, why not Barkley to step up and become a more major part of Chelsea's attacking structure?

  • Personally from what ive seen id have Mount over Barkley

  • @Curious-Horse said in Ross Barkley ??:

    Personally from what ive seen id have Mount over Barkley

    I'd have Mount, Foden, Loftus Cheek or even Lallana.

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