England players for MB

  • So we now have 11 days of Triple Media Buzz again, I'm wondering how much the media will be about Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford, Ross Barkley and so on if they do something special for England, can they dominate?? I've only seen 1 international break and that was mainly Rashford because he scored in both games, anybody here hoping for media galore on England players ???

  • Winks if he plays and does well will get some.

  • As mentioned in another post i'm probably now thinking Barkley will get some MB and if the back pages are quiet (otherwise pre-occupied with Ronaldo non footballing related stories) then the England boys might get a bit of air time... That said i've held the likes of Ali, Kane & Rashford all long term and they have flattered to deceive with just marginal growth... When it comes to PB if Pogba gets a haircut that will beat Dier to start for England!!! Although I see money to be made on fringe players so the likes of Lewis Dunk, Nathanial Chalobah, Harry Winks might do ok as the games near???

  • I don't think winks is a fringe player, he would have been in the World Cup team if not for injury.

    By all accounts he was very good at the weekend

  • Harry Winks born Hemel Hempstead, aged 22, international caps ONE.....

    Not exactly Lothar Matthaus is he????

  • @dannypea said in England players for MB:

    Harry Winks born Hemel Hempstead, aged 22, international caps ONE.....

    Not exactly Lothar Matthaus is he????

    He was in Southgate plans before injury, it's pretty well known he likes winks if you do your research.

  • you can't seriously pass him off as an England regular starter with one bloody cap to his name... Not disputing he's a promising player, not disputing Southgate likes him... But one bloody cap???? He is nothing more than a fringe player until he's earned the right to become a permanent fixture in the squad and i'm not just talking because he once tackled Lionel Messi!!! I've been to every England home game over the last 3 years and he's not featured in ANY of them!!!!

  • @dannypea Jadon Sancho could be a shout for MB. If he starts a game and has a good game. I can see lots of "who is he" articles in the British media.

  • Yeah certainly. I'm hoping he gets capped and no doubt they'll be genuine media interest in him featuring in the squad!

  • Traditional international breaks as far as I've seen have been the main MB players (Ronny pogba Messi etc. ) winning every day except for one day when whoever scores for England wins one. Interested to see if it's different this time - Ross b looks popular with the media already

  • Kane, Barkley, Sancho and maybe Rashford look like the big draws to me.

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