Mo Salah (A good time to get back on?)

  • Looking at the next few games for Liverpool
    there looks like plenty of goals on offer.

    Although he didn't score yesterday i thought he looked quite sharp.

    Looks like he reached the trough this morning at 9.80 and is currently back up to 9.82

    Crvena Zvezda x 2

  • Following his latest dip I recently brought more of Salah but i did wonder at the end of last season IF he would be able to repeat the astonishing feat he produced in the 24 months before the Champions League final??

    At Roma he was brilliant and at Liverpool last year he was unplayable, but as teams get to know opponents they set out to stop them and whilst they didn't know how to last year it seems this season so far they have found a way....

    I'm not totally writing Salah off as I do believe in him but there is always something in the back of my mind thinking he could quite easily be a one season wonder in the EPL? His form last year was just ridiculous after all!

    Hope not, and as mentioned in the next six games we'll probably know a lot more!!!

  • @Curious-Horse

    Yeah I got involved recently due to the upcoming fixtures. That red star belgrade boys are absolutely abysmal, and Liverpool get to play them twice!!

    It seems nowadays, 1 good game and your FI price rockets up 80p.

    He appears to have no confidence just now but he's getting the chances. It's just a matter of time.

  • @johnboywalker said in Mo Salah (A good time to get back on?):

    He appears to have no confidence just now but he's getting the chances. It's just a matter of time.

    Agree with that & I've added him to my FF team on that basis, need to see him hitting the net more regularly before investing any more FI money into him though.

  • Spot on mate, see that's how you make a few quid by looking at future fixtures and thinking about it not panic selling, I thought the same thing on Saturday, I new Liverpool might not win against Man City and people would sell because the next person might do the same, but looking ahead the games look more favourable I guarantee Liverpool players will be up come the end of the international break when people catch up, well done that man 👍

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