Hazard to Real Madrid ?

  • He's suddenly leapt to the top of the MB chart on the back of Transfer speculation and his desire to fulfil his boyhood dream.

  • thank bloody god!!! I was wondering if the next 11 days would be media hype about which average young player will start for England next weekend!!!! At least we have a genuine contender for some true MB dominance right now... And boy do Madrid need him!!!!

    Time to lump on???

  • Terry Gibson doesn't think it will happen. They have ascensio and Isco for that role .

    They need a striker,

  • with the greatest respect to Terry Gibson he aint Florentino Perez!!!!

    Hazard will improve Real Madrid tenfold and he's exactly what they need!

  • Its been Madrids policy over the past few years to buy a "Galactico" which, given Hazards profile at the moment i would say they would make room for him somehow.

    Even if your statement is correct though, it sounds like its something that may gather momentum over the next 11 days at least

    Besides, i think Gibbos just pissed off because he sold 100 Hazards last week in order to invest in the Ferret!

  • For me mbappe or neymar are on Madrid's radar, they won't buy hazard aswell.

    They don't have a striker, it's not rocket science.

    I just don't see where hazard fits.

    Also they will need midfield surgery, Modric is getting on a bit and Kroos is approaching 30.

    I could actually see them looking at pogba in the summer.

  • what you believe might not really matter compared to what the papers say... We are talking major MB movement with these rumours so if the media buzz circles around the Hazard to Real scenario then we could be talking about rises in value and some tasty dividends... With Modric rumoured to be attracting Inter and them desperately needing a striker too I do think they'll be big changes to come... But to say they 'don't need Hazard when he can walk into any team in the world is ludicrous!!!

  • Looks a great buy to me. MB over the international break then he's tearing up the PB every game under sarri. Can re-evaluate before Jan if he's moving or not

  • @Indexical My only personal concern is that I don't have a lot of money on here. I can't afford to buy enough of him to justify even the MB. If there is am player that is half his price who I think might be there or there abouts over the next 10 days then I think I would buy him. Simply because if he finishes second, I'll get 5p per share rather than the 8p and I can have twice or thrice as many shares. I'm just not sure who to invest in. I wish I could invest a decent amount in Hazard.

  • True but have to think in terms of percentage. If you think there is a player for half his price who will bring in more than half the dividends then go for it.

  • @Indexical Well as much as I dislike the player and have recently slated him because I don't think he'll bring any PB or much MB (except for this international break... Barkley. He seems to be a bit of a darling at the minute and I think he will be again when England play. If he has a good game too, then the media, pundits and players will be over him like a rash. He's only £3. I could by 4 times the amount of him but I'd just be worried about the price drop.

  • I'll 2nd the idea of Barkley, u can buy 4 for 1 Hazard price, there is no guarantee in MB obviously, but to suit the answer to your question then an English player at a reasonable price and has had a lot of media attention last few days, worth a pop.

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