• Hi.

    I am new to this, I only started using this am still struggling to get my head around this , can someone please tell me how it works. I have read the the tips but still struggle to understand.

    I have bought shares in lots of players and then the price decreases and when I sell I see the price of them player go up again.

    Also I have shares in Fellani and that's gone down aswell when am trying to sell it won't let me it keeps saying suspended and the same thing when I buy it aswell. Can someone help me out please.


  • I've been using the index for about 6 months now and I'm only just starting to get to grips with it properly. It's probably more difficult at the moment because there have been a few changes which have changed people's focus when buying.

    Firstly this may be obvious but people try to buy as low as possible and sell as high as possible to make the most money. So when you buy the price may go down because someone else has reached the selling price for them to make a decent profit.

    My first advice you've probably already read from others but don't buy players just because you like them or you think they are good players.

    It's about spotting an opportunity when a player is priced low with potential to increase. So when you bought fellaini he may have been higher because he'd scored two goals for man utd so people started to buy him. However then because he's not a regular started for man utd people sell him because they can make a few quick quid out of that player while his price is slightly higher.

    I would suggest not to panic sell someone just because their price starts to go down. Usually a player will go back up at some point. I've got a few players who have gone down but I'm being patient because I've seen over 6 months that things will improve again. I'd also suggest not to instant sell if possible because you automatically get less back for each share.

    I have a few players that are cheap but could rise a lot in future. Attacking, passing midfielders, young English players and players that are injured or low on form for big European clubs because these, in my opinion can increase in future and can potentially win Buzz points.

    Good luck.

  • Also, it might be worth waiting till Nov 1st before buying lots of players, as the market will change following the introduction of penny stocks. Prices are likely to fluctuate before then and then stabilise at some point after. Personally, i'm cutting down the players I own before & then plan to buy players in response to the changes. In general it's the best players that tend to consistently hold their value or rise

  • Thanks for replying guys

    So Is it best to sell the shares before the 1st Nov and then buy them after that date again?

    I have bought players like rashford and martial who have lot of potential for long term aswell. Is it good to keep hold of these players or will prices in share drop If I have them for long term?

  • @pwp23 I have a feeling a lot of people are thinking the same. Sell a bit before November and then buy after November 1st sometime when things have settled. Only thing is, once the players do start increasing after November, it will happen very quickly and might be before you expect (as everyone is thinking the same). I'd recommend keeping some of the best players because, even if they drop a little before November, they will rise again pretty quickly once the market has stabilised

  • @NewUser81859 Maybe sell some but not all, so that you have some funds ready for the new IPOs (though I can't see many of them being worth more than 50p personally). The best players (for MB/PB) will inevitably grow over the long-term as they are the ones everyone will want to buy.

  • @NewUser59170 I agree. Hold on to the premium players. Top 10 strikers will not be affected much. Midfileders and defenders are likely to expect some competition. Most squad players will struggle to win PB, but there are some gems to be found.

    Fellani is out for upto a month. His price will slowly start to rise within 2 weeks. Dont forget the news surrounding his contract is still going attract some buzz. Good luck!

  • Agreed ...

    The Devs aren't going to want a crash - I'd be surprised If there wasn't a promotion leading up to November to get more money in the index. To hold their value, though players need to have a strong chance at dividends. Your punty type players are the ones who are likely to be jettisoned just because there will be other punty players coming on the index for a lot cheaper.

  • Hi guys sorry to jump in. I'm new to it all too and wondering what you mean about penny stocks coming in from 1st November and things will change. Could anyone explain this to me or if tell me where I can read up on it to understand what's gonna happen cheers

  • So atm it's just the top 200 players that are tradable but come Nov 1st anyone in the squad will be. This means the market will be substantially diluted and so you can expect share prices to drop. However, the consensus seems to be that there is a lot of filth in the squad and there's a reason that the top 200 is just that. In short the only players from the squad I see doing well are very young players who have a high potential on FIFA or Football Manager

  • @Blue-Python wow ok so is this the end of Friday promotions

  • @NewUser92779 It will be.

  • @Sagenode is that q good thing ( I'm new to this)

  • @NewUser92779 Depends how fast you were on the ol' Friday promotions. I've always be crap, never got anyone under 80p.

    It's a good thing in my books.

  • You're buying blind if you're not timing entries with charts

    If you're selling soon after buying you're also impatient

    Might want to address those two issues...

    My whole portfolio is a sea of green not one red because I time entries and I wait and wait and wait

  • For what it's worth though I bought Fellaini @ 68p and sold him @ 74p after taking 1 media buzz.

    He was the perfect buy after Pogba injury, but because of Fellaini's age I decided to protect my portfolio and look for opportunities elsewhere. Which there are f loads of great opportunities atm but I'm out of cash haha.

    So I took just under a hundred profit overall and reinvested elsewhere.

  • @The-Chartist

    How are you factoring in the squad chances in November into your approach?

  • I'm not, really factoring it in at all.

    I think it's a bad move by the company and it will be a fad and all the serious money will still be at the top of the index.

    The company have shown they won't allow a market sell off either now by removing IS at their discretion. I don't think the fundamentals of the main market will change that much.

  • The problem with penny stocks or any stock on any market for that matter is that a fundamental view on a player has to be translated into order flow, this is why I use charts, because orderflow is the most proximate driver of price action.

    So you or I might have a view on some obscure player ranked 400, but unless everyone else sees the same thing, it's money sitting their doing nothing.

    Sooner or later everyone else will realise this and keep buying your Kevin de Brynes of this world etc etc

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