What's going on?

  • Squad of 40 players and every one has dropped by at least a penny except Mr Hazard...and no dividends? Admittedly haven't got a great deal of money in here but if my portfolio was x100 or so it would be ridiculous....I don't believe in coincidences...anyone else getting the same vibe?

  • @Weedster

    No PB games for a while just MB, so both profit taking & I think the AI might allow prices to drift down to encourage buying as demand dries up. Nothing to worry about IMO just a good buying opportunity in non-International players who will otherwise be understandably quiet.

  • Funny that if the market pumps 1-2% every day for a week. Everything is normal and people post rocket ships. If the market corrects 1% over a week, everything is about to go to sh!t.

  • This hasn't happened for me. I have bought players who are doing well.

  • Markets go through cycles and we’re just going through a very, very minor pullback.

    Partly because of the international break, partly because the Pogba and Ronaldo falls will have spooked some traders. Absolutely nothing to worry about, and if you’re sufficiently diversified there’s still plenty of money to be made.

  • @HappyLarry59855 said in What's going on?:

    This hasn't happened for me. I have bought players who are doing well.


  • I think a group of people are driving the prices of players down trying to spread fear why? I don't no Iv seen players drop 5 -10p in one hit several times, I see neymar just took a 10p hit just like that, his price just don't drop 10p like that 2p here and there yeah, we need order books to stop all this and bring stability to the markets

  • @HappyLarry59855 Same here, doing ok too, and total minuses from 30+ players is 9p

  • Cheers for all thoughts, as fairly new was unsure about the situation. So if there's a bit of a scare eg. Ronaldo, it affects the whole market, with a lot of panic selling in all players? Must admit got out of Ronaldo early on and pleased I did but wasn't expecting the general downturn, which of course isn't solely related to the CR7 saga. Larry you must be happy if you have a large portfolio and they're all doing well :)

  • I have worked in Financial markets for over 25 years so have to laugh when people start to panic and stress when there is the 1st sign of a small fall in value after 2 years of prices going up and up. FI is new and will continue to rise over the medium term as the advertising draws in more and more customers. Yes there will be days dare I say weeks and possibly months where you do not return a profit that is how markets/gambling work.

    Finally you have to ask yourself do you really believe that every player you hold will return 30% + in dividends over the next 3 years if you do not why do you think he will go up! The only answer is you think somebody else is daft enough to think he will so you are hoping daft people buy him and push his price up! The reality is only roughly 100 players over the next 3 years will return 30%+ so we will all be holding players that deserve to go down in price**

    ** I exclude very young players from this as they are held in the hope that as they get older within the 3 year holding period there chance of earning dividends in the following 3 years increases and therefore there price increases.

  • @Fletch get what you mean, but there are a lot of players on here who would never normally be as financially astute as yourself and are football fans who are trying to use their knowledge to gamble in a way that can use this knowledge. I also think that people buy players a lot more on their prospects than their dividend potential ,which of course seems mad but it is definitely the case. Just wondered why 30+ players in my portfolio alone would go down at the same time.

  • Compare it to the stockmarket - when there is really bad news just about every stock falls but it does not mean they are all bad companies or all will make less profit - it is just sentiment and will be exaggerated on here as just like you say there is less experience of markets.

    I also believe there has been an influx of traders that buy players to gamble on the days matches to try to win on the days matches then who sell and gamble on the next days fixtures. These gamblers now have 10 or so days with no matches so may have sold up until the next games.

    I have a reasonably large portfolio and have seen falls and gains over the last couple of days (roughly 2% down) but have used it as an opportunity to buy into a few players I previously deemed to expensive. Do not worry but use this as a time to look at your portfolio and ask yourself does each player really represent value and why would someone pay more for him. I do this every month and always sell a few and improve the quality of my portfolio as with each month I trade I find I make less mistakes.

  • @Fletch Great stuff mate, cheers for advice. Just out of interest I've only sold 6 players in a month as still finding my feet, at an average sell profit of 17%(including my CR7 sale).
    I feel that roughly 49% of my portfolio is what I'd consider long term younger players who I feel have value in them and expect to have for at least a year or 2.
    I have about 25% (9 players) who I consider mid term and are where I'm looking to sell at a 10-20% profit.
    The rest is in the top 10 or so who I expect to make dividends off and I'm trying to get the holds in them up to a reasonable amount....money permitting.
    Seems ok so far fingers crossed.

  • Sounds very sensible we all split clients into different sets and I am know different.

    I have 3 year MB/PB Star players - Pogba/Neymar/Hazard/Salah/Messi
    I have young players to hold and grow - Sancho/Neves/Pulisic etc
    Then I have players to make a 6month - 18 month profit on - Rabiot/Stones/Fornals/Brandt etc
    Finally I always have cash for short term punts on players who get injured or who fall in value - KDB for example who I buy on the fall and sell hopefully within a couple of weeks for profit.

    In total I hold 45 players and I expect I will still be holding 25 or more at the start of next season.

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