Championship Dividends

  • I have a different idea, rather than create a share split how about create a new dividend category. Championship dividends. Here’s what I’m thinking;
    Rename the current PB as Premiership Dividend
    Create a new Championship dividend which pays half the current PB. This would be based on the “next best 5 leagues”. You could argue what that should look like. I’m thinking pick from
    Scottish Prem

    China and US may seem odd but if an expensive player leaves for them they still retain value. Also if FI wanted to move into those countries would be a selling point The other’s allow you to get paid for those payers you are holding for long term growth today.
    Instead of European ties this dividend could pay on domestic cup matches
    Would involve an additional cost from FI but they might get a lot of new money out of it

  • A player would get promoted and his price would plummet after going from a Championship winning team to a relegation prospect. Makes no sense.

    Aside from that, i quite like the two-tier dividends but I don't think it's practical.

  • Don’t give them that idea they will start a membership scheme (free- current divs silver at £15pm is double divs and gold at £25pm is quadruple divs).

  • FI is still very much in the embryonic stage. It has a huge list of priorities to complete before adding new leagues etc.

    1. Make website and App completely fit for purpose
    2. Introduce order books and ensure sufficient liquidity
    3. Ensure there is world class customer support and back office systems to deal with the rapidly growing database of users

    Once these 3 are completed priorities should be:

    1. Introduce FI to new countries where gambling laws allow
    2. Look after existing customers whilst adding more and more affluent traders
    3. Once viable increase dividends via additional PB for 2nd and 3rd place

    In essence they need to be very very good at what they already do before adding more leagues and features.

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