What's your view on 'Risers'?

  • Should they be confined for example to £1 plus players? We all know that the majority of the the 20-40p players are pump and dump, never heard of before, and never heard of again. And they dominate the tables. As I've shown earlier on another post, all it takes is about £250 to get them there. I think they bring the platform into disrepute.

    To get a £1 player into the risers at £1.30 or so would take at least £3k, and it's probably not going to rise another 50% or so is it? Just an opinion though.

  • @Ollie I think to counter this artificial effect. More dividend payouts needed in individual GK position, more competitions having PB, More MB paid out beyond top 200 priciest players. Then we do not lose all these players in a temporary rush

  • @NewUser145369

    Where does all this new money to be paid out come from?

    Personally I do not even look at the risers as I invest based upon my own decisions and the quickest way to the poorhouse is to buy something after it has gone up - the idea is to buy it before it goes up!!

  • @Fletch Well ultimately us the investors on the index. Cos right now the IPOs are coming in bit by bit, causing the overall bank of players to grow and grow. However the proportion of players that actually get you paid is getting less and less dividend wise anyway. Based on share value a new person more likely to spend on Prem player vs a non PB league player.
    With a broader spectrum of payout, more investment will come in more of the player bank. FI will then get more commissions and then it continues.....

  • @NewUser145369

    To answer your point Goalkeepers cannot really have there own category as there is not enough of them playing on all but Saturday and Sundays however maybe giving more points for saves would get them involved more in the defender category. FI is still new and sorting technology, back office, customer support etc out so adding new leagues etc before getting right what it already does is a priority. Finally the majority of traders are making significant profit for very little work or risk as it is still growing day by day in numbers and so major change is obviously not needed.

    The product will change dramatically when order books come in and I would suggest every trader prepare for that as it will provide huge opportunities to increase profits and it will seriously change the professionalism that traders will need to show.

  • So should the Risers list be a place for cheap pump and dumps?

  • @Fletch Good points. The GK PB I should have mentioned, would need a lower payout as less of them in direct competition PB wise. Yes for sure, taking it to the next level will need us to be more like traders in other markets as such. The platform if I am not mistaken was on Jan 2018 100k users, and end of Aug 2018 170K users. So this year can double the number of users in less than a year (faster than other year before by some distance). I hope the FI can get the structure in place such a share split etc, so before the next mass of traders join to make it easier on them and the growth for us.

  • @Fletch I have thought about the GK situation a lot. Maybe it would be better if they only got dividends on triple match days. Obviously, if there are two games then it is impossible to expect their own PB category so on single match days nada, maybe a 1p dividend on a double match day and a 5p dividend on a triple?

    It's a work in progress, but do you think the idea could have legs?

  • @Fletch How will it provide huge oppurtunities for profit?

  • On the goalkeeper PB.
    What if there was a once a week dividend.
    Paid top 3 at maybe 10p,6p,4p
    Starts 00.01 Monday, dividend cut of 18.00 Friday
    Finishes midnight Sunday.
    Widens market to maybe 200 games, good trading on those that put in early good performances, same player could potentially win a couple of dividends in the same week making the great goalies a better divi bet.
    Is there an obvious flaw I’m missing?

  • Not sure how we've moved from 'risers' to GK dividends but I would probably like to see a more structured idea then the current system...

    At the moment FI pays 15p out for a 1,2,3 in Media Day Dividends.. They pay 19p out on single matchdays, 33p out on double matchdays and 47p on triple matchdays... Why not just pay 25p a day out as standard and perhaps 50p on matchday weekends?

    would save FI money and spread the costs... You could then pay out the 5's or 10p's on GK,DF,MF,FW and MEDIA winners??

  • The fact that David De Gea is the same price as Benik Afobe is evidence enough that there needs to be something done with keepers imo.

  • @Allams-Out

    hahahaha I held De Gea for a year.. Think he went up 10-20p at best (on the rumour that GK dividends might kick in which was the reason i purchased him) but I ended selling him for something like -0.01

    Complete waste of time and he's considered as the best in the world!!!

    Even more frustrating was I had him at a time when Real Madrid were interested and he was getting daily press attached to a big world record fee goalkeeper move... and because he wasn't in the top 200... NOTHING!!!

    I think it shows when Allison moved to Liverpool that Goalkeepers can add value to FI... but by not offering any incentives for us to purchase them, FI are missing a trick because it is a lot of space taken up on the list where people are not investing!!

  • I lad who i played in a band with used a drum riser for most of his career, but it was always used as an aesthetic focus point. Visually, it broke up the monotony of all being in a straight line on stage, He said he never used one for sound segregation

  • @Advinculas-Index Does it block out pump and dump?

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