• How can this guy be coming onto the index today at 1.60 share.
    His goal scoring record isn't great.
    He's only 18, he's not going to be winning any dividends for a long time.
    He signed a deal with barca but still hasn't played for their first team.
    He has a big release claus but that doesn't mean he will come good. Barca have done that with a few youngsters recently.

    1.60 madness

  • His goalscoring record for the Spanish U17, U18 and U19 sides suggests that he is dynamite. Not quite done it for Barcelona B yet.

    £1.60 is based on him being the record scorer for Spain U17's, and if he gets a chance this year for Barcelona then he will rocket. Not saying it's justified, there are plenty that have a great youth record and never cut it in the top divisions. But if he does well then he could be a great long term hold.

  • https://www.transfermarkt.com/abel-ruiz/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/340376

    Was really excited about his guy, then saw the £1.60 IPO price so researched further, found the above. Prolific for Spanish youth teams but otherwise looks quiet?

    If I could get in at £1.60-£1.65 I might buy 50 for a long-term hold, but as I've rarely got close to IPO price I'll give it a miss.

  • @Worley15 You've read the articles and everything else on the lad just like me, his Barcelona B stats are not great at all.
    To join the index at 1.60 is just ridiculous.
    I think anyone that goes with him will see a short term loss possibly a lot more by the end of the season.
    He may never even get that chance to play with the first team which will see him disappear.
    To put a player like him at 1.60 WTF, madness.

    ANYONE that goes with him good luck, your need it at that price.

  • Currently 1.95

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