• Down to £2.81 following report linking to AC Milan from Flamengo. Surely he would thrive in a relatively weak PB league?
    Suso (don't own yet) would also benefit from such a class player behind him.

  • @NewUser162554 2.61 now - crazy. I'm in...

  • He’ll fall further yet. AC Milan is not the club that holders were hoping for.

  • He could easily drop loads more, totally unproven in Europe, will probably drop a lot further yet until people see how he gets on, no point in buying now.

    His price probably reflected a move a to a PL club imo.

  • @playingcards1 said in Paqueta:

    He’ll fall further yet. AC Milan is not the club that holders were hoping for.

    Uncanny what I just posted !

  • @playingcards1 rising now

  • i've just had a handful... the bigger picture is that a European move will put him in the MB/PB spotlight and as one of Brazil's best young talents (a a magnate for media interest alone) he'll rise mush higher during the winter window with all the interest!

    As long/mid term investing goes he's pretty low risk even at £3 a pop so glad I got in well under that!!!

  • @dannypea precisely my thinking. Plus a Milan move will actually mean more game time than at Liverpool say. He will be the star player and should gain plenty of PB in Italy and EL. Still seems a snip to me and will surely rise leading up to Jan.

  • I think the worry is if he gets a move in Jan he may be loaned back to Flamengo but yes playing in Italy will certainly lengthen the growth of value in him if he performs to the levels expected... He should get a chance at Milan whereas at Liverpool it would be trickier to initially break through.

  • @dannypea seems it's a straight deal for $35m + add ons and he will move to Milan in Jan. No suggestion of any loan back. Still looks low risk to me at £2.67, could be £4 by the summer.

  • Confirmed now, moves in Jan...

  • Do we think he's currently rocketing because the deal is confirmed, or because FI's Twitter released a video of him? I.e. is it value driving this or a pump and dump?

    My theory is it's both. That at £2.60 he was undervalued, and some people are buying for that reason. I bought at £2.76, and think he was worth the riskof him not settling at Milan at that price, given his underlying stats. He's currently at £2.86, but wouldn't be surprised if his price crashes again.

  • well that's just jumped him up 18p a future for me!!! I was perhaps expecting another fall on that news but if you think about it... Now it's confirmed he'll be playing in Italy and for Milan it ensures he'll be in a PB league for us!!! You only have to look at Suso's performances to see that his price can jump further so hopefully in at a good time after initially missing out!!!

  • This should put an end to those Zlatan rumours.

  • @NewUser149634 yeah, was already rising and the twitter video is helping to showcase his vast talent. Seems like a sound move for him as will get lots of playing time.

  • @NewUser162554

    Admittedly, he looks a world beater in some of the videos I've seen, but so do all the other 'new neymar' prospects.

    Looking at the Milan attacking midfielders/attackers, I don't think he will be the guaranteed first team regular some do.


    And several others I can't be arsed spelling.

    Who does he replace?

  • @johnboywalker bravo... :/
    just wanna write that!! im wonder what will happen with halilovic - wonder kid from barcelona, who was signed in summer??
    and others above??

  • @johnboywalker Milan don't shell out that kind of money without putting him straight into team. He will rank above most of those you list but will play with Suso and behind Higuain.

  • @NewUser162554

    Again, I've gotta disagree. Milan have a history of paying a premium for squad players.

    They paid €38 million for Andre Silva.

    They paid €22 million for Calhanoglu.

    They paid €25 million for Castillejo.

    None of these 3 are/were considered first team starters.

  • Europa League gives a lot more opportunity for game time and squad rotation though, and I'd expect Milan to do well in that.

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