Luka Modric PB

  • Can anyone tell me how many times has Modric won PB in the last year?

    Should be pretty often considering he plays with the ball quite often, right?

  • i don't have the stats as i'm not one for buying for PB purposes but I seem to think with MF's taking shots, taking corners, free kicks, scoring goals etc all ramp up the point scoring and Modric doesn't always get the set plays for Real Madrid, he doesn't often score goals and I suspect he can probably go a whole game without having a shot too...

    Although passing points will obviously rank very high very rarely does a PB midfielder win it without scoring a goal so on the basis of Modric scoring 9 La Liga goals in the last 7 years at Real Madrid I don't think he offers good PB incentive?

    Think the best reason to get on Modric is not for PB stats but for the rumour that Inter are potentially interested which might lead to a bit of speculation over the next transfer window or two??

  • Surprisingly poor, he was top midfielder for the CL final (12p return despite single game - 146pts) and he had one double day winner (8p) somewhere between IPO expansion Nov 17 - Jan 1st 18 (sorry didn't record all info then) so 20p total.

    He also picked up 2 wins / star players during the WC (18p) but I would disregard that.

    In fact in 2018 he's only had 1 score over 150pts for Real.

  • He might pick up some media buzz around the ballon dor whenever that is (dec?)

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