Jadon sancho

  • @Hound id say i think pogba is riskier long term hold. If pogba moves club his media will reduce and his price could easily half but sancho will always be english and he is very talented

  • @Hound my only worry with his england career is that southgate may need to decide does he drop sterling or rashford to play sancho which he may not be willing to do. He may decide to play a similar formation to dortmund to accommodate sancho by playing kane up front with rashford behind and sterling and sancho on the wings

  • I wish they would fix the mb scoring system though, i see theres a story for hakimi about how much he admires sancho yet because it only has his second name sancho doesnt recieve the media score. Iv seen this with other players quite often

  • @Black-wolf The thing is, Pogba is already at a top premier league club, the transfer wouldn't go through overnight so you would have time to get out (whilst raking in the MB at the same time).

    Sancho effectively needs to go the other way and get his transfer to an MB winning Prem team.

    Oh, and Pogba is also a proven PB player, for those reasons Sancho is riskier for me.

  • @Black-wolf Pogba is a risky hold? How dare you besmirch the King. Wash your mouth out this instant!

  • @GregF risky long term. Sorry i thought i might upset some people with that 🤣but u must agree that pogba makes you nervous during transfer windows

  • @Black-wolf said in Jadon sancho:

    @GregF risky long term. Sorry i thought i might upset some people with that 🤣but u must agree that pogba makes you nervous during transfer windows

    Pogba is going nowhere,now we have the virus out of OT. Bring in Sancho and a world class CB and the title is ours!

  • Pogba's contract runs to Jun 2021 with an option for another year (not sure whether the option is with him or the club though)

  • @gball1975 said in Jadon sancho:

    @Hound Arguably one of the stars for England for the next 15 years, already proven himself in a top team in one of the main leagues, it is actually scary how good this kid is. England haven't seem anyone like this since Gazza came onto the scene. He could be the highest on

    I'll be keeping a check on this..

    0_1551823025863_Screenshot_20190305-225300_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Was 60pts for Kane and clearly has Jadon Sancho in the article, hopefully just a bit slow but 2 hours and still nothing, 60 points could be difference between 1st and 2nd meaning 5p dividends.

  • @Andy-M ive seen this a couple of times. Surely theres a flaw in their allocation of stories which could be cause fir concern. They really need to make the platform as flawless as possible i get the feeling that its got bigger than they can effectively manage in a few areas.

  • Sancho deserves MB after he and Dortmund put in another great performance!

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