Jadon sancho

  • @PB-man I agree that he looks a very talented, All im saying (and basing hoping that less experienced investers and new traders will read this) is that jumping in at the price he currently is should involve a lot of caution.

    As @Andy-M said hes only played 220 minutes and hes often come on when oppos are tired/the game has become stretched.

    Im English and hope as much as anyone that he develops to be one of the best in the world but lets judge him when hes done it at least over the course of a season and in the champs league as well

    re the Januzaj comparison I was just suggesting how when he burst onto the scene x years ago and scored a few for united as an 18 year old if FI was around then perhaps this would have happened to him too.

  • @Wilba I think his price is very fair all things considered. He has a three year span to recover from any drop and is young enough to recover pretty easily, certainly less risky than anyone aged 32+ so I would advise new users to invest in him ahead of a lot of other players (Mbappe would be the safest pick on the index imo). His stats as a starter are actually pretty consistent with his sub appearances.

    You are right that Januzaj would have shot up in price when he burst on the scene but I would have avoided him if he was anywhere near Sancho's price. Sancho already has better stats than Januzaj has produced in any season of his career (although Adnan is still only 23 and did score at the World Cup so I think he could come good at some point).

    I would say there's not a lot of risk and a huge upside with Sancho at his current price.

  • @Wilba I'm a Manchester United fan and I'll confirm that for me there is zero comparison, Januzaj looked amazing but seemed to lose the ball or cross to no man's land more often than not, and the confidence levels are like 2 different planet's mate, just the confidence to move from Manchester city to a different country at such a young age is not normal for an English player.

  • @Andy-M completely agree, unfortunately theres very few that can deal with United, no doubt if sancho came through the ranks at united we would find a way of making him lose his confidence - especially with Mou at the helm ha!

    re the comparison I was only referring to the start of his career when in his first start for United he scored 2 and we came from 1-0 down to win 2-1 and retrospectively what that would have done to his FI price, the hype, the media attention etc etc I was in no way comparing to the two of them as players, only that they both hit the ground running in senior football.

    Top and bottom is Sancho looks absolutely class so lets just hope he doesnt find his way back to City ;)

  • @Wilba fortunately he has his head screwed on so think he'll be staying at Dortmund, why go to city bench from a possible starter every game in a huge club that sits top of Bundesliga and playing in CL.

  • As an investment i would look at it this way, 3 years yeah, so I am a bit biased becuase I hold Rashford but he is Β£4.38 and still only 20 ,plays for Man U and starts for England, why as a new invester would you pay Β£5.68 for Sancho?

  • @Tom77 if it wasn't for Lukaku in the way, I'd be still holding Rashford too.

  • @Andy-M said in Jadon sancho:

    @Tom77 if it wasn't for Lukaku in the way, I'd be still holding Rashford too.

    3 year hold.

    With any luck lukaku will be sold.

  • @playingcards1
    I'm sure this is something most traders have struggled with holding hotly tipped youngsters. My question would be though, would you buy Sancho at the moment? If not, then at what price would you, if at all?

  • @Tom77 sure hope so mate πŸ’ͺ🏻

  • @Tom77 Rashford is undervalued I'd say rather than Sancho being overpriced.

    I don't hold yet but one I get free funds he will be on my buy list. Starting striker for United is one of the prime media hold positions, especially once Mourinho is gone and they are actually allowed to score goals.

  • pretty hot topic this.... I never buy into this overpriced/underpriced rubbish as prices tend to go up and down on form/hype which is one of the reasons Sancho is priced as England's highest price teenager/youngster... Remember Sancho has more assists than any other player in Europe right now, is playing for the top club in Germany (right now) and a lot of people are making a lot of noise about him... Hence everyone wanting a slice and jumping on board with a view to him being the next best thing...

    Rashford is an interesting one... He perhaps should be England's top priced youngster but he's not making the strides at club level which we had hoped he would simply hindered by his manager's reluctance to believe in him... He's playing for a team that are eighth in the league and isn't really doing enough week in week out to justify high PB potential so other than investing for potential growth I just don't see it (yet)...

    Only a quid under these two is Phil Foden who at Β£4.60 has had 15 matches in two years and has a total of 271 premier league minutes to his name... Foden is almost double the price of the likes of Lingard, Barkley, Winks, the Ox, Loftus Cheek, Walker all England internationals but not because of anything he's done on the football pitch (at mens level) but ALL because he's talked about as the next best thing!!!

    I'm not saying there's a right or wrong as we all have different strategies and different entry and exit points... But if I were to invest in any of the above right now.. Knowing that Pep will limit Foden's play for a year or so yet and thinking Rashford will probably be shoved out on the wing and unloved until Mourinho goes... I would be putting into Sancho who is playing well under Lucein Favre and tearing up the Bundesliga and Champions League making a big impression when he plays!!!

  • The key thing to remember when a player you hold drops in value is that it doesn't actually matter if you have no intention of selling!

  • @dannypea very well written mate πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Soon he will be cheaper so people can afford again 🀣🀣🀣

  • Exactly with long term holds.
    I was so happy when De Jong value dropped substantially. Topped up more futures in him and his value started to rise again lol.

    I have no futures in Sancho...but want some. Hoping for a run of so so performance and his value to be closer to Β£5 :)

  • @Advinculas-Index Nice game highlights it only go to the 74th minutes. Want happened in the rest of the game. lol

  • Funny seeing the post’s above.

    Well I have jumped on, only going one way isnt he ? πŸš€

  • @Misto said in Jadon sancho:

    @Advinculas-Index Nice game highlights it only go to the 74th minutes. Want happened in the rest of the game. lol

    It's been airbrushed from history, however, if you delve deeper you will find that he was loaned out to Hoffenhiem after 75 Mins and scored a hat trick for them as well.

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