Timings for buying

  • Hi all,

    Apologies if my newbie naivety shines through too brightly here... I am wanting to invest and, obviously, make a few pounds. My question is, after studying the market a while, the following - Do player prices drop off hugely every summer? Every player that I’ve looked at had a much lower price in the summer. Therefore, I’m wondering if I would be silly to invest now in the hope of making a small amount and possibly losing a chunk or whether to just hold fire until next summer when prices are rock bottom again.

    Thanks in advance

  • Did you look at those players graphs over the full 12 months?

    I suspect you will find in 95% cases the share price on players is much higher than it was in the summer mainly due to the growth of the platform as a whole.

    ive only been on myself for 10 weeks so someone will no doubt be able to pass on their experience of trading during the summer months.

    also factor in that Next year will be a non tournament summer so there may well be a slight downturn specifically on PB players and people moving cash from PB generators into MB Generators

  • I did wonder about the growth of the platform. I hadn’t imagined that the growth could be so huge that players values would be tripling in such a short space of time though. I’ve just looked at the 12 month period and it seems you’re spot on. As I said, I am a newbie! The growth has been huge for players since six months ago. I hope I’ve not missed the boat!

  • My portfolio has gone from 12k to 21k in 6 months. I missed out though on the summer surge on the MB players. I stuck with younger players with potential and people didn't care about them.

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