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  • hypothetical question but what happens if at 11.30 a story comes out (for arguments sake Ronaldo rape case) and a load of articles are released meaning he wins MB. There is a potential that these cant be manually removed meaning that FI will automatically pay out the wrong winner, potentially costing a lot of money.

    at what point do they work to/is someone constantly checking and removing articles?

    just made me wonder as a few new ones have been added scoring quite high in the last hour or so

  • They remove them every couple of hours and will check at midnight, given the potential for what you have described.

    At least 140 MB points are still to be removed from 2 stories today that are about the rape case, there may be more.

  • I normally screenshot and send during the day and actually put this exact question to them today.. here is their reply....

    Hi Andrew,

    Please note that we are aware of these articles and the tech team are working to remove them.

    Happy trading!

  • This is obviously the reason we don't get dividends at midnight, it would cause havoc if they paid out on wrong players 🙈

  • Well he's currently sitting in 3rd place because of another 4 stories worth nearly 300 points relating to the case

  • @Advinculas-Index but they will be taken away and Sancho will get 2p dividend mate.

  • yeah, Sancho will replace him as third - but it seems whoever monitors the stories goes to bed at half ten, which is a little unfortunate given how many stories are released after that for the next day's papers etc.

    They've been doing much better at removing the stories recently, but Ronaldo falsely winning MB has just been a matter of time when they don't monitor it fully. It's very disappointing and they simply have to keep on top of it.

  • WTF Ronaldo recieved the 2p dividends, is it not better that they suspend the 2p dividends until they have counted the true winner, I wrote a msg complaining but I'm sure they won't give a to$$ 😞 I don't own anyone in top 5 so these complaints are for fellow traders, not actually myself.

  • @Andy-M this is really not good enough. Amateurish. They really need to get their act together with so much of customer money at stake. Sancho holders (not me) must be fuming!

  • @NewUser162554 I’m a sancho holder. Whilst it’s only 2p a future, and I only own 20, it’s still annoying. I will be complaining.

  • Very poor. Those rape case stories were on there for hours. No real excuse for dropping a bollock on this one.

  • @Whadders let us know how you get on

  • I barely slept last night as I had been looking forward to seeing the first £1 of my £289 Sancho investment returned this morning, but no!

    What's worse is that I've had to cancel the celebratory marching band that I had arranged to parade up and down my street and those guys really needed the job.

    Worse still is that I appear to have sleepwalked to outside of the UK as the football index app is now telling me I'm abroad, and I can't even log in to see my lack of Sancho dividends, so I can't even furiously refresh until I see my £1 appear.

    Not the best start to the day but at least I have a surprise holiday to look forward to now.

  • @Yellow Brilliant!!!

  • @Whadders yes, the concern is not really about the money here, more about general confidence in FI being undermined as a result of really quite basic mistakes.

  • Aren't they able to set all articles that contain the word 'rape' to zero automatically? I can't think it'd be that hard to do.

    I agree that it's pretty poor of them to let it happen in the first place.

  • Maybe everyone holding Ronaldo at the moment could donate their divendends from last night to Because effecively they have just porfited from a rape allegation.

  • This is really bad. So important to prevent, not just fix, quirks like this when they’re eminently predictable. Imagine how it would be reported as and when Football Index is a big name brand.

    “Football Index pays out dividends on rape allegations”

    It would be catastrophically damaging for the reputation of the company.

  • Yep was one of those monitoring last night half expecting that FI would get this wrong and in the end it has lost me a bit of buzz too... I've had good profitable days after a few slip ups from FI like them forgetting the 3pm deadline so I can let it go but they should have been on the ball on this as it seems a lot of us were monitoring so why not them?

    As said a simple negative "keyword" function on words like 'rape' would eradicate this type of story from appearing so needs to be done ASAP before it turns into a bit of a circus!!

  • Well he’s currently top again with the help of a 50 pt story relating the case as we get closer to the 2 o clock deadline this will possibly encourage some to buy shares in him.

    It all becomes a bit of a lottery not knowing whether your player is in the frame for what dividends until the next morning

    Has anyone had a response yet from FI about this , I haven’t as yet

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