In the green or red?

  • I see all these things about the big traders and how much money they make but only a small percentage of people are in this bracket. I just want to share how i'm doing since i joined about 4 weeks ago and would be interesting to see how others are getting on, if anyone wants to share.

    4 weeks in and I hold 32 players (going for the diverse/longer term), 1772 futures and my portfolio is +£378 including dividends reinvested.

  • 32 players! Wowza

    I currently hold 10 players.

    I have put in about 4k to FI and my current capital growth and dividend value makes my acc just over 5k now after about 8 weeks.

  • 6k i'm in. I've sort of split my players, so I've put more into the players who are consistent performers, always there or thereabouts with buzz (kane, neymar, greizman, morata etc)

    then i have your occasional buzz winners (isco, aubameyang, sane, alli, mbappe, pjanic etc)

    lastly I have potential buzz winners. (tielemans, tolisso, carrasco etc)

    with all i still looked into who could potentially grow in value aswell and reinvest my dividends into.

  • @NewUser84610

    Nice thanks for sharing,

    Something about my psychology can't handle small investments. I prefer to have a sizeable position or non at all.

    Plus I'm very selective about the time I get in and have price targets, I don't care about divis at all.

  • im pretty new to it. 3 weeks in.. started with £50 and somehow gone to £2.6k investment.. 17 players at the min.. not much really happened over the international break..

  • @NewUser90708

    Say again?

    You've gone from £50 to £2600 in 3 weeks?

  • sorry , i wasn't clear.. I started out by depositing £50 and ended up depositing £2.6 in total. invested in 17 players so far. mainly in green.

  • @NewUser90708 said in In the green or red?:

    sorry , i wasn't clear.. I started out by depositing £50 and ended up depositing £2.6 in total. invested in 17 players so far. mainly in green.

    Ah ok! :D

    Yeah it's pretty easy to keep making those deposits, FI are onto a winner in that regard!

  • yeah very much so. How many futures do you tend to invest in a player? I started off small but ideally looking for at least 100 futures in each player i go in for. gets more difficult when you start looking at the top tier people though

  • 155 in kane
    100 greizmann, morata, greizmann, asensio, lacazette, hazard, neymar, coutinho
    20-50 in players like jesus, sterling, mabappe, pjanic, rashford, alli, lukaku, messi, ronaldo, o bembele, pogba, sane, draxler

    all players i will hold and just invest any buzz into them. seem to be doing ok so far just neymar -14p letting the team down so far.

  • Into my 3rd week. Invested about 1.5k . £300 up so far. Harry Kane responsible for most of it.

  • I looked at kane at around 4.5 and decided against it in the end.. How i wish i didn't :(.. feel that i have maybe gone to thin across too many players. going to take a little time I think..

  • prices seem to keep rising for top players as they should and as more people join i don't see why they wont go even higher tbh especially with the changes coming.

  • Few grand in on 15 players, in the green on the majority and not concerned about those that are red. Sold off a fair few players and took out cash following the squad player announcement

    Not too bothered about fluctuations in price as most of portfolio is with long term in mind, either regular dividends or expected price growth

    Also, I wouldn't get too distracted by those who are claiming the big profits. Whilst some have a lot if it is down to getting in early and seeing the index grow in popularity and value - so fair play to them, but trying to pass off as being some sort of trading masters as some do on twitter is daft

  • I don't count future value just monetary value. Atm, I either buy £500 or £250 of a player and however many futures I get is what I get.

    Easier for me to manage my portfolio this way, as it's all done in terms of percentages of overall capital.

  • I just feel if you're going to go for more than 20 players you might as well just buy a tracker.

    Warren Buffett went big on 3 stocks in the beginning.

    With small capital I prefer it to be concentrated. Some of my portfolio is yet to move. I have a few sleeping giants :D

  • @The-Chartist 5k invested around same time as you but have same as above 32 players now at 7.7k 31 players green 1 red

  • Started in February this year with £500. Pretty quickly added more and my total deposit up to now stands at £22,000 (had about 75% of that in by July). Current portfolio value is now just over £52,000 which includes about £4,600 earned from dividends.

    I do try to buy players I expect to hold mid-long term, though I won't usually sit on a player that is not growing or earning much in dividends for weeks and weeks. My portfolio has changed drastically over those 9 months but mostly in response to new features and changes to the platform. I currently hold 16 players with about 50% of my portfolio in Messi, Neymar and Dybala.

    Even though there might be a few bumps in the road, prices will keep rising for players that are good for PB/MB as more and more people join. I only have one in the red (Pjanic) but am confident he will rise again so will just hold until he does.

  • @NewUser59170 Awsome :) i think may be i need to stop spreading it into to many player i just play safe worries me if i put all eggs one basket and then there some major injury and im not here to bail out

  • I've just thought the same thing, put 7 players i just had like 20odd shares in and not really going anywhere up for sale. It's just too tempting with so many good players which look cheap lol

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