Selling to market

  • Hi guys, been on FI for just over a week and loving it so far but wanted a bit of advice about selling. Can anybody clarify that I have the right end of the stick with market selling? I bought Falcao for 1.29, I then wanted to experiment with market selling, so set it up that I wanted to sell 2 shares at 1.29 (reserve price). This was over 2 days ago but he still hasn't sold - is this common, does it usually take this long? Is there a max time you wait before withdrawing him from the market? Any explanations about market selling would be great! Cheers

  • hi there, yes it can take a while to sell to market . E.g. Neymar can take a week. Obviously it all depends on the demand for that player and where you are in the queue. Also I find the 'reserve price' function doesn't always work!

  • Market selling is like putting something on EBay. You need a buyer. It can happen at any point, but it’s not uncommon to wait for days if your player isn’t particularly popular.

  • A big factor is also that amount of people buying that player as this will move the queue along quicker.

    In the case of Falcao though if you have him on reserve to sell at 1.29 , he is currently lower than that so i would have though that you have excluded yourself from selling him in this transaction at the moment

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