Jack Grealish

  • I've got him on a long term hold so not trying to Pump and dump (honest guv!)
    I have just purchased a few more shares in him this morning though as i think with the new manager coming in he will rediscover the form which had Tottenham and Gareth Southgate looking at him earlier in the season.

    Especially with the style of football Dean Smith likes to play

    The other factor could be John Terry coming back as it was well documented that a lot of Grealish's improvement in attitude was down to JT's influence.

    I see Grealish as a long term hold who will become a premier league player at some point in the next 12 months whether it is through a transfer or through villa getting promotion (which, given the players they have at their disposal is not beyond the realms of possibility now that they have a manager who will being able to get the best out of them)

    Currently trading at 2.23

  • In fairness to Bruce, they came within 90 minutes of the Prem. They could go up, the Championship always has that one team that goes on a crazy run after Christmas.

    Grealish is a premier league player, I don't think Tottenham will sign him. Levy won't actually pay the price and that was when it was only Tottenham in the market for him.

    Maybe Hazard's long term replacement. Maybe Everton looking to make a statement in the transfer market. Be a lot of interest if they don't go up, I think.

  • I think regardless of whether Villa go up or not he will be a Premier League player this time next season... I remember watching him as a scruffy teenager on loan at Notts, socks rolled down his ankles skinny and timid he looked out of soughts but you could see he had something.. A poor mans Ryan Giggs I thought at the time.. He came back in the players lounge after the match was very polite and I remember his old man or his grandad car keys in hand saying to him, "are you ready Jack, let's go" for his lift back to Brum,.... He was that young he weren't even driving back then!!! I remember thinking... What a nice boy, head screwed on, good family around him... Then for whatever reason he went off the rails????

    At 2.23 I don't think I would invest in a non PB player just yet as I still reckon he'll be a similar value in 3/4 months time but IF the transfer rumours come knocking early (and i've not heard any just yet) then he could be nearer £3 by Xmas & Jan?

    All depends what Dennis Smith does with him short term for me? The talent is certainly there but getting the best out of him might be a little trickier said than done?

  • I've held him for a while, he will be in the premier league next season, if not in January. He's just signed a new contract with Villa which makes it MORE likely that he will leave soon.

  • Being a newbie, take what i say with a pinch of salt, but...unless something dramatic occurs, he's surely a licence to print money. He jumped out at me straight away.

    I haven't got enough money in here to sit on someone at that price, but I intend to jump on when the time comes.

  • I thought i would resurrect this thread from a few months ago as im hearing more and more in the media talk about as soon as Jack becomes a premier league player (which to me seems very likely at some point in the near future) his price doubly benefit as he is bound to become involved in the England squad in some capacity.

    If you look at the current crop of midfielders we have at our disposal Jack Grealish could potentially offer something different.
    Obviously there is the caveat that he is unproven at premier league level but Southgate has certainly been monitoring him based on the media coming out today.


    All he will need is a couple of Premier league games under his belt and a call up to the national squad would surely then follow,
    His price was £2.23 when i started this thread
    His price is currently £3.75
    If everything above pans out then he will comfortably break £5 imo

  • Looks like he is leaving if they don't get promoted, according to this statement:-

  • @Advinculas-Index I think he will be in PL next season, with Villa or elsewhere.
    I think thats built into his current price though.

    FI is different from the 'real world' but Maddison is 2.11 and Dele Alli 1.65.
    Both similar players, in early 20's, with good PL performances.

    That will make it very hard for Grealish to become part of the squad. Maddison hasn't been able to, despite being a talented player with 7 goals and 7 assists so far. Then there's Ward-Prowse trying to get in too.

    I honestly think once he is in the PL Grealish will hover around the £2 - 2.20 price as per Maddison

  • @Munchie63

    He has already exceeded my expectations, the £5 i refer to above is pre share split - he is equivalent to £6.42 now based on that.
    I going to continue to hold though as there is plenty of MB potential over the summer with him.

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