True share price

  • As someone who has only been on the site for a couple of weeks, and after reading about what constitutes a price increase/decrease, waiting for active buyers at the sell price quoted etc, would it be fair to assume that the true and actual price for any player is his INSTANT SELL price? After all, any price above this does not guarantee a sale, and anything above the instant sell price is a bonus? The buy price is then typically 3-5% cream for FI(or a lot more for more volatile players like Ronaldo, etc) unless active buyers at a price above instant sell exist behind the scenes, which is certainly not guaranteed?

  • And don't forget the 2% commission. My "break even" price is typically cost price x1.02. Therefore if you instant sell its that price x0.98 what you're really getting.

  • Hi Weedster, yes I forgot to mention the 2% commission when you do sell them. Do you agree about my point regarding the Instant Sell price being the only real price, where active buyers are lurking? In this case I am thinking the break even price is typically around 1.07(or higher) x cost price, depending on the player, as this represents the true open market?

  • Think there's a bit more to it than that tbh. You don't buy players expecting their price to go down, if you buy someone for a £1 say, then you would be looking for their price to rise and if you're flipping you would take that opportunity. If you're holding for dividends or long term the same strategy should apply. You expect them to rise in value. Obviously some players will fall and that is when you have to decide what your sell price is. Personally when i buy a player i set a sell price alongside them on my spreadsheet and that is what i aim for, again not all fulfil this expectation. Instant sell is not really a consideration for me until something goes awry with a particular player/s

  • @Weedster Thanks for the heads up, always appreciate advice from someone in the know. To combat any early losses expected from a new system, I'm just glad I got a few hundred shares in Hazard at just over €12 a couple of weeks ago, before he took off and went over €14 today!

  • @NewUser181228 only been on a month myself but listened to others on here who have been a great help. Just beware the pitfalls, I've found the pump and dump a danger area and always do a bit research myself before buying a player, quite a few on here push there own players albeit most of the time they're being truthful imo. I've given up on the ipo's due to what I'm sure are bots ruling in this area but each to their own. Only other thing I'd say is keep your ear to the ground and eye on the news, things change quickly. Good luck.

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