• do we think he will keep rising over the next few months or can we expect a drop when the speculation dies down?

  • I suspect that when the speculation reaches a conclusion he won’t drop that much because of his pb potential and you will a similar scenario as that with Neymar where his price holds even when he isn’t in the news.
    As to whether it will keep on rising , I suspect it will remain in the news for a number weeks yet and he could become the highest priced player for a time.

  • I would have said drop now he said no move in jan.

  • @NewUser60527 said in hazard:

    I would have said drop now he said no move in jan.

    He was never likely to move in Jan
    However in that same press conference he intimated that he needs to move to Spain in order to become the best in the world
    which would indicate that this will drag on for months.

    I for one will be holding as i don't see his price dropping much if at all + you have the likelihood of MBs+PB right through to the end of the season

  • not moving in Jan will only prolong the buzz further more... he might dip down and rise back up with a few good performances but they'll always be talk of him moving to Madrid which is good for holders... If FI continues to grow... Hazard should continue to grow!!

  • His price is continuing to rise post that press conference which im not surprised about as there was never any real likelihood of him leaving in January anyway.
    But all it does is further cement the rumour about him moving on next summer.

  • The rise isn't just about a potential to move to Real Madrid. He's playing at the very, very highest level and scoring goals too now.

    The new freedom his has under the manager has really made a difference and he looks a class above everyone on the pitch. That should result in PB and MB as there'll be lots of commentary about his performances.

  • @Mere.Mortal
    this is why i dont think he will drop much if at all once there is a lull in this story as he has the potential PBs to fall back on as well as the inevitable resurgence of this story as we go into the spring/summer next year
    He's currently got the last 3/4 media buzzes and i likely to feature at least the top 3 over the remaining triple media days.

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