Kevin De Bruyne

  • So I'm guessing that after the international break KDB will be fit enough to play for City again, how high do you guys think he can get up until Christmas if he's playing regularly ??? Do you think his price will rise straight away after international break ?? I believe that if he'd been playing since the beginning of the season until now then he'd already be pushing towards £10, love to hear opinions 😁

  • @Andy-M looks overpriced to me, has hardly returned any divs ever.

  • @NewUser162554 ok I'm very surprised by that because he was scoring and assisting for fun last season, I'd be expecting a few PB's when he comes back from injury, and even the possibility of MB's especially if he gets off to a flying start, guess we'll have to wait and see 😁

  • @NewUser162554 bullshit

  • A couple of months ago just before he got injured he was 439 now trading at 750 without even kicking a ball?????

  • @Andy-M I don't have any shares ( cant invest more money atm)but in my opinion he is a beast... he is gonna be in the middle of everything once he is back. I know that fantasy football is a different game but the amount of bonus points he got last season...crazy...(bonus points all about performance)

  • @NewUser162422 how eloquent of you. Go on then, please clarify the amount of divs he has returned? This is meant to be a debating forum...

  • @NewUser162422

    KDB is a fantastic footballer = no argument.

    Since January 1st 2017, KDB has returned 13p in media buzz money = FACT. 13p in 18months. 2p less than Perisic or the same as Fellaini if you prefer? This is what makes him overpriced (IMO as well)

    Performace buzz money 60p, sounds ok, however, 20p for Belgium. 20p before the IPO expansions (when the number of potential winners was tiny) 20p since November 1st 2017 (3 wins - 2 singles / 1 triple day) The reason he doesn't win more is because City cruise so many games that at 70mins when they're a couple goals up they pull off KDB to ''protect'' him for the next match.

    So before you say someone's comment is BS you should probably get some more info ;-)

    ****** Disclaimer past performance blah, blah, blah.... *******

  • @NewUser162554 kind of new into the platform so I can't tell much bout dividends, but don't see the reason why u said he is overpriced ... he didn't really play for last couple of months( except WC ) and u know that this platform really change in last 3 months so u can't rely on the past performance. Correct my if I'm wrong but think that Fantasy Premier League is powered by Opta as well so if he was doing well last year don't we a reason why he is not a good pick

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  • @AT10
    Totally agree with what you have said. Kdb is good but for fi probably bit overpriced look who you can get and better options 100%

  • @AT10 looking forward to back into that discussion in few weeks time...

  • @NewUser162422 completely accept he had a fantastic year in the PL. But FI is primarily driven by dividends and he simply hasn't produced many. To label this comment as BS suggests to me you need to quickly improve a) your grasp of how FI works before you make big mistakes and b) your manners. This is not fantasy football and it's dangerous to make comparisons given stark differences in point scoring. I'd also suggest showing more respect to others on the forum before dismissing their views in such forthright terms.

  • @NewUser162422 I'm a United fan and investing in a Citeh player, surely that says he's a beast 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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  • I appreciate why people are suggesting he is overpriced here on FI , but this is 2018/2019 season and what he did or didn't do previously is irrelevant, same goes for Mbappe, everyone saying he's overpriced due to PB in previous games, obvious many people here are expecting big things from both these overpriced players because they didn't just arrive on the market at those prices, right ???

  • @NewUser162422 said in Kevin De Bruyne:

    @AT10 looking forward to back into that discussion in few weeks time...

    Look back as many times as you like mate, what I've stated will still be true. 13p media return since Jan 2017. 60p performance buzz TO DATE. Including WC and pre-expansion wins.

    I've not said anything about future returns, I've just pointed out that your ''bullshit'' comment was wrong.

  • @AT10 I understand and I'm sorry, what I'm saying is that he had a great season and I think that he is the so a great footballer ( and I'm an Arsenal fan, sorry again :)), he didn't really play for last couple of months ( hard to play wit hazard in one team on world cup,both played thu the middle), but with his creativity and city attack his gonna only rise imo

  • @NewUser162422 no worries mate, it could happen and if for any reason he did start to win more MB there's no reason he couldn't fly.

    I think one fundamental thing to point out is that MB is every day and PB is also very competitive. So if people are chasing dividends (rather than price growth trading) I'd recommend getting MB players first.

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