FI is more addictive than beer haha

  • I've only been on FI since the 18th of August, I decided to try the £500 risk free deposit thing, the next day i thought balls to that I can't do anything with £500, I've been filling up pretty rapidly since, I recall saying to myself that £10k was my limit, then I decided that it's silly having that money sitting in my Swedish bank account that give close to 0 intrest rates, I now have £23k and probably £5k left in my bank, that's only because I don't want to withdraw from here for Xmas and stuff, unfortunately there is a loss for foreign traders due to the exchange rate, hopefully Brexit will put the quid in a strong position against the Swedish Crown, anybody else that started small and just can't get enough of FI ???

  • I signed up on the 5th August and also put the whole £500.00 in risk free. Since then I've regularly moved some of my savings into FI and have so far increased my investment to £5200.00.

  • @bouchet nice 😁 how's it going so far mate ? I've chopped n swapped a couple of times, 1st time because i didn't particularly know what the heck i was doing, treating it as FPL 🤦‍♂️ 2nd time changed it when the 3 year anniversary happened and wanted to bin a few players and pump into bigger boys, so I've actually probably got less profit now than 2, 3 weeks ago.

  • @Andy-M it's going well, i've made a few mistakes so far but im currently up just over 12% which isn't too bad. The best thing I did was jump onto a few of the top players (Pogba, Neymar and Hazard....also Bale, just waiting for him to start performing). Would love to have got more futures in them all as I'm constantly reinvesting the dividends I'm receiving back into the youngsters with potential. How is it going for you?

  • Did exactly the same- started with the £500 offer about 2 months ago. And said 1k was the absolute max. Another 12k later I think I’ve lost the plot. 36 players. 100 shares in the big boys, and next superstars, and the rest around 40 shares. Big boys going well, although like most, lost money over last 3 weeks. Sold ronaldo just after the storm broke for profit and sancho yesterday too who was way over priced.

  • @bouchet It says here that I'm £205 + but it's very false reading because I've sold Ronaldo and Pogba with healthy profits and reinvested, so the bought figures are over £1k more than my total deposits, if u get me, my true total profit is £1300 which also kinda sucks considering I've been almost £3k in profit, but I see better growth in the future for my portfolio than my previous portfolio, when i changed everything around i sold some players for big losses unfortunately.
    My only regret to date is Paco Alcacer, I was ranting and raving about him and people told me I was silly, guess what, I sold up with minimum profit 😢 that's why I will just follow my heart from now on, people's opinions are great, but I won't let it control my decision making.

  • @Andy-M Started with very little back in March as a experiment. 7 months later and wished I pumped alot more in back then. 12% up at the moment and learnt alot along the way.

  • @NewUser145369 Nice, I think we all learn things every day here, keep up the good trading mate 💪🏻

  • @Andy-M i've sold a few players but now i'm happy with the players I have in my portfolio and I have decided that I won't be selling any in the short/medium term unless there is reason to do so. I'm looking at FI in a long term way and relying on the growth of the platform to help my players steadily rise in value over time.

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