• Hi all,

    Sunday is my 6 month anniversary of when I joined FI and I calculate my ROI to be 63%.

    I know this is far far better than I'd get in a bank, so I am grateful for that, but I have no idea how it compares to others.

    I've absolutely no interest in starting a pissing contest here. I am sure there are many who are doing better than me and I'd be quite happy to take some tips off someone whose ROI for a similar period exceeds mine.

    If you've had some really good growth, what approach have you taken to get there?

  • @Yellow I have made similar to you. I think we are around averagely good.

  • Currently up 21% in 12 weeks, including deposit bonus but have been adding money over that time so reduces % gains somewhat.

    Best buys: Pogba @783, Hazard @704, Ramsey @265, Mitrovic @128; Biggest loser Keita down 70p but holding for long term.

  • Up 49% after 10 weeks I'd say at least 20 % of that is down to me putting in 10k using it to buy players then quickly selling those shares to in a rising market and the withdrawing the 10k after the bonus period was up. This getting a 1k bonus

    Total Outlay £5k
    Current Portfolio £7,455

    My best transactions were selling my Pogbas in the queue for £14.60 and likewise with Ronaldo at £12.60
    And getting on the New England lads Sancho/ Maddison/ mount as soon as I joined

    My biggest mistake earlier on was doing too many instant sells due to impatience

  • I too joined 6 months ago, and think I’m doing pretty well.

    Current investment :36k
    Portfolio value :£ 56k
    Divs (reinvested) £5k

    So probably around a 50% ROI thus far. But as they say it isn’t a real return until you sell up.

    Best buys so far
    Hazard 900 @ £8.50
    Neymar 1200 @ £12.50

    Bought 600 CR7 @ £9 and sold @ £12.50

    Worst buy was keita who I ended up IS for about £300 loss.

    Still learning....

  • You're on the right track. You have a similar return to me.

  • I joined in August, and I thought I was doing well...not compared to you lot aha.

    Current Investment: £5.3k
    Portfolio Value: £6.2k
    Divs (reinvested): £145.00

    Slowly investing in more MB/PB big hitters so I'm hoping to be able to reinvest more dividends to help grow my portfolio. I wonder where our portfolios will be this time next year....

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