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  • Been having a look at Valentino Lozano as a potential buy.

    He's listed on FI as a midfielder and historically this is where he largely lines up.

    However, this season he has largely been deployed at right back. Now I haven't dug deep enough to know if this is a temporary move or likely to be a more permanent move.

    My question is this potentially could have unfair implications for PB points as I assume he'll be getting scored as a midfielder. So are players routinely reclassified?

  • @Allams-Out I've seen some player re-classifications happen but not often.

    To answer your questions re: Lozano

    I watched Lozano (and subsequently bought a few futures) in the game where Hertha beat Bayern. I was very impressed and he certainly plays more like a wing-back than a full back as Grujic and Maier sit in and cover the back 3 when one full back goes. He is registered as a midfielder and as a result is not going to outscore the more direct attacking midfielders but also doesn't suffer from conceding goals. I would suggest that Hertha's and specifically his form would mean that he's sold before he's reclassified. He plays as a midfielder for the Austrian team so i don't think he wants to play full back either (who would? i'm pretty sure Kimmich isn't happy at right back for Bayern either)

  • Ta for the info. 1 goal and 2 assists from 7 appearances reads much better for a defender than a midfielder, but like you say, Hertha's defensive record helps make up for that.

    He seems worth a punt.

    Thinking on the general question, there must be some players that could gain from being classified in the wrong position. So something for the punter to exploit.

  • @Allams-Out

    Positional reclassification is something that shows up every now and again.

    It does happen, and can both positively and negatively effect player PB.

    Everyone was going daft for Ryan Sessegnon at Fulham last season, as he was previously classified as a defender. A goal scoring defender on this platform is gold dust, and partly explains his current high price.

    Similarly, I believe Hazard was reclassified as a forward a few months back, which means he now has less competition for PB.

    Another example is Sergi Roberto, who now shows as a defender. This is great because (if he plays) he gets loads of passes, with potential to score goals and potential to keep clean sheets. Whereas he would be very unlikely to win PB under his previous classification as a midfielder.

  • Reclassification can happen anytime without warning and it’s cost me money in the past,serge gnabry thorgan hazard Eden hazard bounds sarr sergi Roberto and many others were changed and fi says there’s nothing they can do about it;it’s up to opta apparently.

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