Young English players abroad

  • Add them if you know anymore, seeing as Sancho is setting a good example and it’s definitely a trending thing for young footballers to get game time.

    J Sancho
    K Bennetts
    R Vieira.

  • Reiss Nelson

  • Ademola Lookman

  • AFAIK, we have the following in PB eligible leagues:

    • Sancho @ Dortmund, £6.01
    • Nelson @ Hoffenheim, £3.65
    • Vieira @ Sampdoria, 94p
    • Bennetts @ BMG, £1.19
    • McGuane @ Barca B, 82p - (so not technically PB eligible)
    • Panzo @ Monaco, not on Index
    • Griffiths @ Lyon, not on Index

  • @playingcards1 said in Young English players abroad:

    Vieira @ Sampdoria, 94p
    Bennetts @ BMG, £1.19

    Just 2 still worth buying at current prices then - easiest selection meeting ever!

  • @NewUser159387

    I think if Vieira gets a few starts he’ll be doubling in price quickly.

    He cost €8m and has been handed the no4 shirt, which for me is a big signal that he’s firmly in Sampdoria's first team plans. Similar situation with Sancho last year.

    And although the current starter Barreto is a decent player, he’s now 34yo.

  • @playingcards1

    I don't currently hold him but a mate who's a Leeds fan said that they rated him & were sorry to see him go, so you may well be right.

  • The contacts I have were disappointed he left Leeds but all thought he will thrive at the highest level, hopefully he will get more game time and not sure about doubling but £1.50 a future should be achievable when looking at other young players.

    With people seeming to want to invest in the next big English players abroad I can see him rising over the next few weeks and with that in mind I have added him to my young player holdings

  • Since this discussion vieira has gone to 1.08, not saying it's a pump, no articles just the thoughts of traders discussing played rather than hype news articles etc...just interested if it's on the back of the advice on the forum? Does it have that much of an impact?

  • @NewUser131128

    Obviously there are plenty of pump and dump moments on the forum, however this looks like a rise based upon the trend that is seeing young British players are getting more development opportunities abroad than they are at home. I am from Yorkshire and the group of Leeds fans I talk to believe he was a great talent but that is no guarantee of success but the current momentum on the index is for these players to rise as they are developing quicker than if they had stayed. With the low price and minimal spread it looks like a very low risk gamble that has more upside than downside.

  • @Fletch thanks mate, that makes sense.

  • Patrick Roberts @ Girona 0.89p

  • @NewUser131128

    There is a really good balanced article on him that you will find online - it was in the Yorkshire Evening Post digital edition this Thursday - It basically says he is settling in well and how he will need to be patient also indicates that the Leeds manager Marcelo Bielsa thought if he stayed he would have been worth more than the 7.7 million they sold him for and he is a very good judge of players.

  • just read it thanks. Encouraging in someways that he wont be guaranteed to walk into the team, should he impress enough to be there it will be on merit rather than transfer fee and make him more likely to hold his value/increase long term?

  • @NewUser131128

    Yes and you would think he will be a much more rounded player after a couple of years especially with the tactical influence that is part of Italian football. Hopefully his price will not increase to rapidly as I want to use the dividend stream I am currently getting to add to him over the next week.

  • Dan crowley having a good start to the season in eredivisie but not on the index...

  • @playingcards1 Good spot with McGuane at Barca B, he’d completely gone under my radar. He’s risen today, so just doing some digging to see if he’s worth a punt. The Telegraph seems to have a good write up back in March but not a lot since. Has anyone seen him play? Is he potentially a decent long hold?

    Telegraph article here if anyone wants a read.

  • Callum Hudson-Odo i know this lads plays for Chelsea but whats the odds on him getting the next call up for 1st squad and England team... similar qualities to Kylian Mbappe if given the chance!

  • @NewUser168431
    Last I checked he was on the bench of Barca B

  • Great topic by the way,completely agree this is the trend at the moment,going for a similar long term strategy myself.trying to spot the young talent abroad or next wonderkids in the prem and to hold onto longterm before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon and there value rockets.not as much of a gamble if you get in there while there cheap,but the rewards can be great longterm.with gareth promoting youth from all over the globe and at any age as soon as these guys get a sniff of first team football or an international call up ,my feeling is they will spike rapidly.some of my recommendations have already been said on here plus a few more:
    Ronaldo Vieira
    Emile smith rowe
    Curtis Jones
    Hudson odoi
    And the obvious ones in foden,geundouzi,sessegnon etc

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