• Just a little rant but in his buzz media today there are 6 stories in the daily star and 2 are even pretty much the same, if the people at footie index must fix it that he wins don't make it quite so obvious because it makes the rest of us think why bother!

  • @NewUser92251

    Or buy into him before the 2pm deadline; MB is the easier dividend to predict, as 90%+ of the 2500+ FI listed player are ineligible.

  • Mate, just learn the rules. If the Daily Star publish lots of similar articles about the same player to their RSS feed, that’s their decision, and presumably because they are getting lots of clicks through. I.e. there is interest from the public! This will rapidly equate to more articles, and more media buzz, so it is something predictable you can profit from.

    Football Index don’t manually add articles to players. They have an aggregator that automatically scrapes headlines from 20+ RSS feeds including the Star, Mail, Guardian, etc.

    This has been said SO many times on the forum.

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