KDB to replace?

  • When KDB comes back into the starting lineup, who will he replace? One of the Silva's? I hold both so I'm thinking I should get rid of one. Or will Pep fit them all in? I see Bernardo as more long term hold due to age. So would probs get rid of David? Thoughts?

  • You'd imagine there'd be a lot of rotation. Thought this year David Silva would be rested more, maybe he's just been filling in for KDB and will be used less once he returns.

  • Pep is likely to introduce him slowly, perhaps from the bench, i really can't see him getting 90 mins until perhaps 10th Nov Man derby

  • Due to my inexperience, instead of investing the money in KDB when he got injured and was around £4.60ish. I put it into the Silva's instead. Didn't think long term on this one. Amature .

  • @heresjonny12 I did the same mate, and although David Silva is a phenomenal player I decided that KDB price will rise much more than any of the Silva's ... it hurt to buy him at close to £7 when I had the chance to buy under £5 but I'm sure it will be the correct decision come November.

  • So KDB has been declared fit to face Burnley, it's unreal how much people react when FI put out a tweet on a player, he jumped up 6p straight away.

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