Mario Balotelli

  • What are fellow traders thoughts on Mario?

    He's hardly featured so far this season & has dropped to £1.44 a share as a result.

    With his preseason weight issues seemingly behind him, do people agree that he now seems a pretty good investment at his current price?

    It's a big if....... but if he returned to the Prem in the near future, he would be FI gold from a media perspective.

  • @GarethG

    Sold out at a small loss, just not firing yet, possibly fallen out with manager &/or team mates - gambled on him @151 just didn't work out.

  • Yep. I hold a few. Contract up in the summer and whilst I expect he’ll return to Italy, the possibility of a Premier League return make it a gamble worth taking for me.

    Not bad at £1.50ish anyway considering he’s won a few PB returns.

  • China.

    He's done his home country Seria A, then arguably the best (and highest paid) league the Prem, then went a chilled in the south of France, he doesn't fancy want the tough life. China.

  • He turned down China last year.

    L'Equipe reported last year:
    “a concrete offer came for Balotelli but was rejected as it came from a Chinese club, a league that is not considered competitive by Balotelli at the current phase of his career”.

  • There was an article last week that he would be available for selection after the international break.
    He missed pre season so was a million miles behind in terms of fitness.
    He will be back firing soon I would expect

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