Rhian brewster

  • Im wondering on folks option on rhian brewster seems over priced i know its the young english thing.

    But dom solanke only 2 years older seems alot closer to the first team. And half the price

  • Dom Solanke has had a fair few albeit limited chances to impress but never really has so far (although in pre-season last year he looked superb).
    Brewsters injury has prevented him from getting a sniff of first team action so it's unlikely he will be a factor this season ...however, when it comes to summer and he's been banging them in for the under 21's again, he will attract a lot of attention (despite the fact he's signed a five year contract recently). Either way, he's a definite hold for the next 18 months.

  • I think both players have a strong future i just think dom solanke much better chance of minutes over the next few years and at 1.18 minimum risk. Dont get why brewster double the price

  • @Mark-H
    As I said, Solanke has had a season and a quarter almost to get game time (hard with Salah, Mane and Firmino I know! And now Sturridge doing bits too).

    Brewster is meant to be the next big thing at Liverpool (a la Michael Owen, Stevie G etc). Solanke is not bad but in a different class, apparently.

    The price of Brewster has probably gotten a little too high too soon in my opinion so I'm expecting a fall some time soon. But I think around the £2.30 mark would be cheap for a potential superstar in the next 18 months. I'm certainly holding for the next 6 months at least - I'm expecting at least £4 a share by May

  • I dont think brewster would get infront of them 3 either (lol) Im not doubting his talent but not sure brewster is worth double solanke. Both had big reputations at youth level. Im new to the platform so still learning just right now i see alot less risk with dom solanke

  • @Mark-H what you've probably unwittingly highlighted Mark is that Solanke is undervalued right now 🤔👍🏻. If I had spare funds I would jump on myself 😏.

  • I agree solanke seems massively underpriced and bound to increase over the next year

  • He might not be under valued but this platform seem to love young english players. And at £1.19 solanke seems alot less of a risk. With possible reward. Im same money not there for me im learning about platform. And % beats my bank isa

  • @Mark-H well bear in mind that the Media Buzz dividends are generated from 25 UK media outlets, so that will always be an unfair advantage for young British prospects.

  • brewster is probs over priced same could likly be said fur solanke chances o any returns is high id imagine same as most youngsters. or am i just talkin crap again???

  • @NewUser151265 highly unlikly u foool

  • I think probably what we are seeing is MANY overpriced players but, because the FI index user base is growing all the time, it is an unavoidable consequence - basically we are all jumping on relatively unknown potential now because as they get closer to being tested (getting game time) more and more investors (new FI users) will jump on at what they see as their starting price and push the prices higher.
    If that makes sense?

    Basically, we cyyyyaaaant lose 😂😂🙈

  • cant lose everything id say. people will lose on trades thats a given

  • @NewUser151265
    The way I see it, if I had just joined FI today then I'd be looking to buy players I knew something about and had confidence in - Rhiain Brewster would be one and his current £2.63 price tag wouldn't put me off. Looking at his graph to see he was trading at around £1.90 less than two weeks ago wouldn't make a difference, for I was not able to jump on then so I'd have to do it now.
    This way of thinking must surely be quite common for a lot of new users so the prices will inevitably rise across the board until FI's growth plateaus.

    I've only been on here a few weeks so I'm practically a noob myself still. But I'm learning FAST 😂

  • @NewUser181637 happy trading

  • @NewUser151265 you too 👍🏻

  • I like the look of Curtis Jones too. Saw him being mentioned on twitter

  • I disagree that Solanke will be ahead in the pecking order. As with all young players huge gamble, but I think the will is there from Klopp to give the kid a chance and that his style of play fits Klopp’s vision. I genuinely believe Brewster’s emergence is the reason he didn’t buy s backup striker in the summer.

  • Klopp never bought a backup striker more due to sturridge. Brewster might be ahead of solanke. I just wondered with similar sucess at youth level why brewster was double the price

  • Rhian Brewster is now down to £2.38.
    I think these forums DO have a real impact on prices 😱
    I still think Brewster is one for the future but I won't be investing until he's around the £2.20 mark (which I think he will drop to in the next few days)
    On Sunday, Brewster was trading at £2.64 while the tried and tested Willian was only 3p more at £2.67! That really put things into perspective!

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