Jose Fonte

  • Noob alert

    Apologies fellas, literally brand spanking new to this malarkey and trying to feel my way through.

    Would there be any use in signing Jose Fonte? ive been trying to suss it all out for a few days and i feel that Mr Fonte is massively underrated but probably wont increase in value much as he wont appear in the papers to often.

    At 34 his best days may well be behind him but he has been ever present in a Lille team that are flying high at the moment, many of the other lille players have experienced dramatic increases could Jose be next or do i have it all wrong. Are players only likely to go up if they appear in the media? could he rise a few pence if he continues to play well?

    Any help much appreciated guys.


  • In order to rise significantly in value, he needs:

    1. to win MBs;
    2. to win PBs;
    3. to have transfer speculation surrounding a big money move;
    4. to be an exciting young talent; or
    5. to be part of some Twitterati (or similar) pump and dump scam.

    1, 3 and 4 will not apply to Fonte. 2 is possible in theory, but low likelihood. 5 is unlikely, but never say never.

  • Sums it up nicely. I personally wouldn't take the punt

  • Cheers for your help guys, much appreciated

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