Ballon Dor

  • Luka modric stands a very good chance of winning this year as a world cup finalist and champs league winner (which IMO is utter rubbish as he isnt the best player in the world but thats a different conversation) the bookies have him odds on to win the ballon Dor which will mean media if hes in the top 200 at the point

    looking at his price at £2.14 based on this hes very cheap. I know hes unlikely to win divs and only seems to pick them up when theres a few games on ie champs league final, latter stages of word cup etc but its not out of the question.

    When he won world player of the year a few weeks ago he hit £2.73 which makes me think in the run up to the ballon dor (8 weeks away) there is the potential for a lot of people to jump on him in the run up to the awards, which could result in a pretty significant price increase. I cant see him dropping much from his current price either so looks a solid short term bet unless im missing something?

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