Barkley - rejuvenated ?

  • Currently flying in price - up 20 pence already tonight whilst England are battering Spain 3-0 at half time...gone in for a 100 futures just after the 2nd goal :-) tip to be have a Salah-esque performance on the Index this season ......currently at £3.02-£3-12...… be lucky !!

  • Until his cheesestring goes again!!

  • @Dan-w said in Barkley - rejuvenated ?:

    Until his cheesestring goes again!! Gold, hahaha!

  • @TheFearlessFox I sold him this evening at 3.02, mid game. Quit while I’m ahead with him. Not convinced on his prospects any more, but time will tell.

  • Will be interesting to see how he gets on.

    He has all the talent in the world in his feet, but where he struggles is between the ears. He’s not an intelligent footballer and can often get caught in 2 minds and end up doing nothing (perfect example was last night, 3 on 3 with the ball at his feet and squandered the chance - was a regular occurance at Everton)

    He’s a good player and having better players around him will help but he’ll never be a ‘top’ midfielder imo

  • I pretty much held since his move to Chelsea until the day when England announced the squad (which I forgot all about) and I sold at a small loss to put into something else.. BAD MOVE yes but perhaps the hype will now die down as he returns to club football (unless he hits some real top form)....?

    For me, he's played well this season and it's great that he now has a coach in Sarri that believes in him... But he's not played exceptionally yet, he's held down a regular slot in the Chelsea side as one of the midfield three and his work without the ball is as equally impressive as how he's been on the ball, but other than keeping possession, working hard and doing a very good no frills job for his team he's not wowed as he might have done as a younger kid at Everton in those early days? Perhaps that will come? Perhaps we are seeing a more mature role for him which might take that gloss off his forward play? Is he rejuvinated? YES to a degree? but is he back to his best? I still think we have a lot more to come!!

  • @Murph yes, the 3-3 scenario last night was a litmus paper test and clearly showed he is still far away from the finished article, which is why he is a speculative punt and the current price is correct for home at the moment - hence if he does continue to progress in a positive manner, I am hoping his FI price will go the same way..... :-)

    The fact that he is getting regular game time for both club and country is a massive plus, let's hope he keeps on the development.......

  • Should be some movement with a last minute goal in an explosive game!!!!

  • Another goal and 2 assitst for Barkley today,not watching the game but his price is shooting up he now on a flier to the echelons of £4+ ???

  • 200 points without a GWG too, jumped on him now, looks like value compared to others considering this PB score and young and English. I sold him earlier in the season too at 2.20.

    Call me optimistic but Going to hit £5 surely if he keeps scoring.

  • He's gone ballistic at the moment.....currently 370/360 !!!!

  • ...Boom....the £4 barrier broken.........

    Anyone else's on this ride :-)

  • Yeah I got in at £3.06 , I bought and sold him quite a few times before that and lost so this time I kept hold and sat tight which in general is the best way on FI not always easy when panic spreads but keep the faith and you get rewarded

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